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Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Mr. Tettnanger, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Mr. Tettnanger

    Mr. Tettnanger Well-Known Member

    I finally located a Bulgy Mak last spring. I don't shoot it much, but I am worried about the ammo drying up. I have only fired S&B ammo out of it with great results. I understand that this is reloadable.

    Some Gunshop Ninja told me that I can take a regular 9mm casing(9X19) and trim down to the correct Mak offering of 9X18, and load to the books.

    Is this legite? Is anybody doing this? I have enough 9X18 brass to start reloading. But, the 9X19 is obviously cheaper and easily available.

    Any thoughts, suggestion, warnings?

  2. FieroCDSP

    FieroCDSP Well-Known Member

    You can do it. You merely have to trim the case down to the proper length and then fire-form it. A starting load behind a shallow-seated bullet will work nicely for that, althrough there's a lot of other ways to fire-form. I've only experimented with this as a backup in case they become almost impossible to get. Starline, I think, makes new brass in 9x18.
  3. Thirties

    Thirties Well-Known Member

    Loading ammo for the 9x18 Makarov is well covered here...


    By the way, forget about using 9x19 Parabellum brass (just my humble opinion). Buy some Starline brass (*-*) and reload to your heart's content. And don't throw away those used S&B shells either.
  4. Marlin 45 carbine

    Marlin 45 carbine Well-Known Member

    I handload for my Russki Mak and Starline brass seems better than the Win. and Fed. brass from factory rounds I've shot. I load FMJ slugs only a little hotter than data says. they shoot good.
  5. Shoney

    Shoney Well-Known Member

    Before the Bulgarian Maks were imported, it was extreemly difficult to find 9X18 ammo, let alone brass. I started by cutting down 9X19 brass and had no problems.

    Later on I ordered several thousand Starline. Enough so the immediate family will probably have a lifetime supply.
  6. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    If you also reload for 9mm it's a really bad idea.

    Once the cases get mixed together you will have a heck of a time separating them from 9mm by head-stamp markings!

  7. cougar1717

    cougar1717 Well-Known Member

    I was about to ask the same thing last week, but I've got a Speer manual from the early 90's, when 9x18 Mak brass was scarce. If I remember right, it suggested to use a 9x19 sizing die on a 9x19 case, trim the brass to 9x18 Mak length, use a 9x18 Mak expander die to bell the case, and fire form the brass. Check it out, and make sure that I'm remembering the process right. When I read it, it sounded like a lot of work. I guess it just depends on how much time you'd like to spend at it and how much money you'd like to save.
  8. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Or, you could do what I do. Size once fired 9x19 with a 9x18 sizing die, then trim to length.
  9. Mr. Tettnanger

    Mr. Tettnanger Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I don't plan on doing it unless the ammo becomes really scarce. Until then, I'll keep storing up the empties and hopefully have enough brass saved up that I won't have to bother!
  10. Marlin 45 carbine

    Marlin 45 carbine Well-Known Member

    Starline 9X18 brass ain't so expensive that it's problematic to acquire a supply. and bullseye powder goes a long way. IIRC Hornady makes slugs to fit. both FMJ & HP.
  11. ForneyRider

    ForneyRider Well-Known Member

    can you re-barrel it for 9x17(380 Auto, 9mm Browning, etc.)?
  12. fugi99

    fugi99 Member

    There is a reference of this conversion in Cartridges of the World 10th Edition in the 9mm Makarov section.

    I do this conversion often. The PA-63 I fire the 9x18 in slings the brass. I usually end up losing 30%

    I used the LEE Universal Case Expanding Die to flare the case enough to get the Lee 9mm Makarov trimmer in. Then trimmed to length.

    I used 3.6 grains Accurate #2 with a 95 grain cast bullet.

    After firing you could see a little flare at the end of the case

    I mark all trimmed cases with nail polish on the the primer.
  13. Shoney

    Shoney Well-Known Member

    The fingernail polish is a bad idea! Chips can flake off and cause the firing pin to stick. You can get a slamfire full auto event!!!!!
  14. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    you can trim it and it works fine- just mark your case heads with a sharpie. thats what I do.

    Its a pain in the butt to trim it, even chucked in a drill. but it is very functional.

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