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Man buys his first pistol today! We got another one!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by GigaBuist, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. GigaBuist

    GigaBuist Well-Known Member

    Yes today was the day. I wrote before about how a former co-worker was going to purchase a pistol after I had taken him out a couple of times shooting. He got clearance from the wife, sold a laptop on Ebay, and today made the purchase after much deliberation.

    I'm not sure who's happier honestly. He's got his first gun in his own hands tonight and I'm still grinning like a kid in a candy store myself.

    Now, I may get beat up by the more experienced shooters here, but he purchased a Sprinfield XD with a 4" barrel in 9mm as his first pistol. If you want to retort to that saying he should have gotten a revolver or a .22 first please don't. I know the argument, I agree with the argument, but it just didn't happen. It may very well be his ONLY gun in life so at least it's in a reasonable defensive caliber. End of story :)

    Cost was a concern, and a primary concern, but we found one locally NIB for $430. Not great, but some shops wanted $530 for the thing in our area. To ease the apprehension in making the choice I let him know that if he hates the thing and I actually said it'd be a good pistol I'd buy it off him for exactly what he paid. He could pretty much do this every 6 months while he and I tried out new guns for him if he felt so inclined. I wouldn't mind a bit either... good excuse for me to pick up more pistols guilt free :)

    is there a point to this post? Not really. If there is, I think I finally understand why the fellow that helped me buy my first pistol spent all that time educating me and helping me out, and taking me to the range the first few times. It's just insanely gratifiying to walk into a house previously unarmed and see a man that's now got his very own defensive weapon. A straight thinking level headed man that now has a respectable pistol in his posession and is willing to train with it. It just gives me this warm feeling all over and has me smiling for hours! You older guys have probably done this is a few times... kinda makes me want to buy a bunch of .22LR rifles for 12 year old boys and hand 'em out or something.

    I do have some issues with the "supplies" he was sold by the clerk at the gunstore though. He wanted me with him to buy cleaning supplies but that didn't happen so he followed the gun counter guy's suggestion. He got a kit with a rod that screws into a screw driver like handle with a mop and copper brush. That's good. For a cleaning solvent? Rem Oil. I didn't even know that was considered a cleaning solvent! No patches, nothing to hold patches with either. He'll need some Hoppes #9 or Shooter's Choice cleaner and a proper patch brush ASAP. Kinda miffed that the guy didn't think to suggest one of them.

    Oh well, I'm haulling out the CZ-75B tomorrow and heading to the range with him to law down a stream of 9mm amm together. Should be fun -- and I can't wait to try this XD9 out!
  2. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    GigaBuist, you have done well bringing another into the light and keeping him away from the dark side of the force!:D
  3. duckfoot

    duckfoot member

    Good job!
  4. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Giga .. I think even from this remote distance - I share your pleasure and enthusiasm. You not only had him shooting initially, which certainly helped kick things off .......... but wow ... now the piece de resistance .. he has got his own piece. More than satisfying.

    All you have to do now (which of course you will find so difficult ... NOT :p ) .. is school him some more and soon have him both safe and confident .... and proficient too hopefully.

    You really can chalk one up on this .. it's a delight to share the experience. I wish in my longish life I had managed it more times than I have but it is always something that promotes enormous satisfaction. Not least - and as you have hinted ... because now someone else is in a position to defend both self and family.

    Go get yourself a cold one ....... you've earned it!:)
  5. longtom4570

    longtom4570 Well-Known Member

    You did good, i think he did good, a gold star for you.:D :D
  6. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie Well-Known Member

    It'll take a good week for that smile to wear off your face GigaBuist :D
    Well done.
    Now start working on his spousal unit.
    Did he buy good eye and ear protection too?
  7. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Well done! I might have saved myself some dollars and wasted time if I'd talked to experienced shooters before I bought my first gun.
  8. GigaBuist

    GigaBuist Well-Known Member

    Eye and ear protection is semi-covered. He's got ear plugs around all the time since he goes to occasional rock concerts. Eye protection we'll have to get taken care of. I wear glasses so I dont' think of it off the bat. Thanks for the reminder!

    Regarding training and safety though I was quite pleased when his wife mentioned that he "yelled" at her for picking up the gun when he bought it. Apparently she wasn't practicing muzzle control and as soon as she picks it up she tells me he says, "Hey, you have to treat that like it's loaded ALWAYS!"

    Given that his gun had a "loaded chamber indicator" I explained to him today that you only rely on it to tell you when the gun is loaded -- you never rely on it to tell you it's UNloaded. He got the idea and even finished my sentence for me: "It's not unloaded until you've checked the chamber."

    He was reading 9mm vs .45 posts through the day I guess at work too. Even shot me a few links and what not about it.

    Next step is to get the wife proficient too. For a fence sitter that's more on the anti side she was pretty OK with the idea of having a firearm in the house. She just looked at us like two silly over grown boys with a big-boy toy.

    This is so fun... and yes, I'm still grinning!
  9. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus


    Makin' Gunnies...the most fun you can have with your pants on. :neener:
  10. Dave R

    Dave R Well-Known Member

    You can tell him I said there is nothing wrong with his choice of pistol.

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