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Man Misplaces Firing Pin, Blames Others

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Col. Plink, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all,

    Thinking something like this might have happened to some of you, I know at least it will be an amusing story:

    Last night I was putting together a HiPoint 40carbine I got in trade, and was in a pretty foul mood. The person in question had advertised the carbine in new, unfired condition. After arriving in aged condition with the rear sights bent, I was naturally miffed and expressed my displeasure to the individual, which only grew as I disassembled the carbine last night.

    The capper was discovering that the firing pin was missing. Having trouble figuring out how the sliding receiver cover (also acting as the block) fit back on, I noticed a spring sleeve and the odd-shaped firing pin pictured in the diagram were not there. A retainer pin has fallen on the floor with the spring, both had been recovered, and a thorough search of the table, floor, and couch yielded nothing. I went to bed a little ruffled, but determined to rectify the situation one way or another the next morning.

    As I dressed for work this morning, you can already guess what was rolling around in my right shoe as I tried to put it on. I can't imagine how I didn't notice this thing in my shoe at the time, or how it got there without being felt at the time.

    So the guy may have lied about the condition of the weapon, but he did send the firing pin at least. Very strange turn of events!
  2. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member


    I always wondered how my wife was able to hide parts from me and suddenly replace them without my knowledge or without even entering the room I was working in.:eek::eek:
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2009
  3. ants

    ants Well-Known Member

    I'm still wondering how the seller got that firing pin in your shoe??? :confused:
  4. Some poltergeist put the milk in the cupboard & the cereal in the fridge at my house, too!
  5. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    Why do you keep your firing pin in your shoe....!?!

  6. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    I know, strange that something that big could be in my shoe and I can't feel it. Normally anything even half the size of a BB drives me nuts until I can get it out!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2009
  7. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a California-style law: "All firing pins must be stored safely in your shoe rather than in the firearm itself."
  8. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    Good thing you found it before trying to get on an airplane with a firing pin in your shoe!
  9. danweasel

    danweasel Well-Known Member

    No BS, when I went to Iraq the first time, we had to pull the bolt carriers out of our M-4s and pocket 'em to make sure the stewardess' remained safe. We had chartered flights.
  10. gpr

    gpr Well-Known Member


    LOOK in your shoe...and see if any of my keltec 380 ejectors are there too....gpr
  11. Sebastian the Ibis

    Sebastian the Ibis Well-Known Member

    I think I saw the same thing watching Cops the other night. Someone put a pistol in some punk's wasteband, he was shocked when the policeman found it there.
  12. jakk280rem

    jakk280rem Well-Known Member

    i lost my glasses one time. took me ten minutes of looking to find them. i was wearing them.
  13. dmazur

    dmazur Well-Known Member

    The little e-clip that holds the NM rear sight hood in place (on a NM Garand) looked bent, so I thought I'd take it off and straighten it...

    After reassembly, I noticed it was crooked, though the e-clip was now properly in its groove. I didn't remember it being crooked.

    I downloaded a diagram of the sight, and found out there are two little ball bearings that ride in spring-loaded holes in the sight arm. These ball bearings provide the 180° stops at the detents in the hood. I only had 1 ball bearing...

    After looking around for someone to blame, I figured it had to be in the deep pile carpeting.

    So, I got a brand new vacuum bag and started vacuuming the 2ft square area where I was working.

    5 minutes later, I cut the bag open and went through the small pile of dust with a magnet and I found the matching ball bearing. (!)

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