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Man pulls a sword on a fellow driver.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by zookrider, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. zookrider

    zookrider Well-Known Member

    From Court TV.com

    O'neill: "I ought to run you through with this."
    THR Member's Reply: "I see your sword and raise you 8 rounds of 45 ACP, your move slick.":cool:
  2. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with a sword, my dad has been known to keep one in the car too! At close range with a sword, 8 rounds of 45acp may not be enough to keep you from being "run through".

    I'd much rather have a large knife or sword or hatchet than like a 22lr or 25acp pocket pistol.
  3. zookrider

    zookrider Well-Known Member

    Factor in some agility and you should be fine. Also, it is my belief that only a truly insane swordsman would not back down when he found himself staring down the business end of a 1911 (assuming that you drew the instant you realized he had the sword as I would). As far as I'm concerned one step toward me with sword in hand is justification to open fire so him getting within "close range" wouldn't happen, pretty sure the law agrees with me too (at least in Texas).
  4. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    I'm fairly sure it's the same in Minnesota too.

    I'd probably not be worried about who the law agrees with though, if somebody were coming at me with a three foot knife. :eek:
  5. Matthew748

    Matthew748 Well-Known Member

    Charles better be careful. Remember that scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where that guy tries all those fancy sword moves on Indy in the alley?
  6. Smuggs

    Smuggs Member

    And if that guy had taken that first flurry of moves on real cuts the pistol would not have goten out of the flap top holser. Haven casualy studied several sword forms at that range a bare blade is exeptionaly dangerous. Would i trade a .45 for a sword? No I own both :neener: but I won't be downplaying the threat of one either.
  7. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    Well stated Smuggs

    Ditto. In the hands of a trained expert, ANY weapon is just that, regardless of blade, stick or firearm.

    I can say with all confidence that, given this man's actions, he was no "expert" per his lack of self-control. In the first place, any martial artist whose skills are worth anything will NEVER, and I mean NEVER disclose those facts before the first strike, and then it's too late.

    You NEVER telegraph your MA knowledge thereby allowing the BG to pull any form of weapon. By the way, your best bet is to possess both...MA skills and firearms skills.

    Just my two cents.

  8. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    Anyone remember that pawnbroker down in Florida, who turned down a wannabe ninja on a sale, and the fellow came back, with sword, and proceeded to try to slice and dice him? He got cut pretty bad, including a complete through/through, but he stuck a few .25s in the guy's head (after he'd retreated past several loaded guns that he just forgot about...).
  9. yorick

    yorick member

  10. Lupinus

    Lupinus Well-Known Member


    Call the trial lawyers lets all sue the swordsmith!

  11. boofus

    boofus Guest

    I think the guy inside the car with the .45 wins hands down. All he has to do is lower the window 1" or shoot the bastage through the window.

    The guy outside with the sharp stick has to break the window to get at the guy inside the car.
  12. Missashot

    Missashot Well-Known Member

    One should never bring a knife to a gun fight. :what:
  13. Third_Rail

    Third_Rail Well-Known Member

    Even in MA, if someone charges you with a sword you're ok to draw and fire.
  14. Chrontius

    Chrontius Well-Known Member

    +1 Funny :D
  15. boofus

    boofus Guest

    Never bring a gun to a food fight.
  16. Gump

    Gump Well-Known Member

    Wait, let me get this straight.

    Guy takes out sword, threatens someone with it then proceeds to Nijacize the other guys car........then has the brilliant idea to call the cops and gets arrested :confused: "I'll take 'Going to Jail for $2000, Alex'"

    Triple Stupid
  17. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    I think the other guy is the one who called police, after getting Ninja's tag number.
  18. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Talk's cheap. Bail may not be.
  19. stevelyn

    stevelyn Well-Known Member

    Anyone with a blade within 21 feet of you is a threat. It is demostrable and proven. I would imagine they would be even more so the longer the blade because they can damage you from farther than arms length.
    If that person starts running toward you, you might have 1.5 seconds to draw, get the front sight on COM and fire before they make contact.
  20. zookrider

    zookrider Well-Known Member

    I'm not waiting for him to advance to draw, I'm drawing as soon as I realize he is armed. I'll open fire when he starts to advance.

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