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manly breakfast (includes 1911)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by greenr18, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. greenr18

    greenr18 member

    i hope this isnt too off topic (hey theres a 1911 there,) i found this picture online entitled manly breakfast. thought it was funny

  2. Geneseo1911

    Geneseo1911 Well-Known Member

    Oh, so you find my morning routine funny?! Gee, Thanks. :p
  3. Lightninstrike

    Lightninstrike Well-Known Member

    Beer and bacon. Yum.
  4. pgeleven

    pgeleven Well-Known Member

    not enough bacon
  5. camoman33935

    camoman33935 Well-Known Member

    where's the hashbrowns???
  6. greenr18

    greenr18 member

    haha agreed :D
  7. Big Daddy Grim

    Big Daddy Grim Well-Known Member

    yes must have an Idaho spud:D
  8. greenr18

    greenr18 member

    i wish i had the picture to post i also found another pic about a month ago that was basically a manly dinner thing, venison, a combat knife and an uzi lol
  9. CTPistol

    CTPistol Well-Known Member

    ya more bacon
  10. Eightball

    Eightball Well-Known Member

    Needs more bacon, and more beer.
  11. I like my bacon a little more crispy.

  12. Duke of Doubt

    Duke of Doubt member

    I don't see enough salt and pepper on those eggs.

    Other than that, acceptable.
  13. 3pairs12

    3pairs12 Well-Known Member

    Wheres the tabassco???
  14. Duke of Doubt

    Duke of Doubt member

    That, too.
  15. 3pairs12

    3pairs12 Well-Known Member

    Also what kind of 1911 is that?
  16. KarenTOC

    KarenTOC Well-Known Member

    You forgot the grits.
  17. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Well-Known Member

    Pico de gallo on the eggs.
    Maybe a couple links of home pork sausage.
    Two biscuits - gravy on the side.

  18. funkerbunny

    funkerbunny Well-Known Member

    Replace that Beer with coffee and that looks great ! (Though I doubt I could eat it all in one sitting)
  19. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Well-Known Member

    where's the hashbrowns???

    Aktins diet, need to cut the carbs. Beer is necessity.
  20. Sato Ord

    Sato Ord Well-Known Member

    I don't know which will stop the heart faster, the pistol, or the bacon.

    Oh well, I can shoot straight, and my total cholesterol is less than 170: Bring it on, but yeah, needs some hashbrowns, and maybe a couple of slices of fresh tomato.

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