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March on Annapolis - we need you! AMMO BAN!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by twenty711, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. twenty711

    twenty711 New Member

    From an email from Frank (Silverado Gun shows):


    AMMO BAN BILL HB-517 to be Heard in the House on Tuesday 2/26

    HB-517 is the worst bill seen this year. It would impose a 5 cent per round tax on ammunition, create and keep a database of who bought what ammo, and impose a $1000 fine for having ANY un-encoded ammo.

    At this point there is no manufacturer of ammo that is set up to do any encoding.

    This is a DE-FACTO BAN.

    What an idea, no need to ban guns anymore, just ban ammo.


    The Hearing for HB-517 will be in the Lowe House Building 6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, in the Judiciary Hearing room - on the first floor just to the left after you enter the House Bldg. at 1 PM on this Tuesday - February 26th.

    *Please Attend- our presence in numbers sends a strong message, the rule of thumb is 1 person who comes to Annapolis represents 1000 who feel the same way.
    Dress Nice, NO CAMMO! No pocket knives.

    For a map of the area and info , go here. http://dls.state.md.us/top_pgs/visit_us/visitus_annap_map.html

    *From Route 50*: Take Exit 24 onto Rowe Boulevard towards Annapolis. Turn right at the 2nd light onto Taylor Avenue and then take the 5th right (Gate #5) into the public parking lot on the far side of the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. Cost is 5.00 per day. You can catch the free shuttle to the downtown and government buildings.

    * *Get off the Shuttle at Lawyers Mall. Cross College Avenue at the crosswalk and go straight down Bladen Street along the left side of the Lowe House building, the entrance is about 1/2 the way down.


    To speak you must sign the witness register by noon. Keep you testimony to the point and about the bill and it's impact on YOU.

    See you there.
  2. shdwfx

    shdwfx New Member

    Posted today, but this event was a week ago. Anybody know what happened?
  3. MDHunter

    MDHunter New Member

    Bill is DEAD in Maryland

    Yea - the only person to show up in favor of the bill (other than the sponsoring delegate from Baltimore) was the guy who owns the ammo encoding patent. 35 of us showed up to oppose, including ammo reps from Remington and Federal.

    The committee wasn't too impressed with the guys logic for proposing the law, or for his lack of research on faullty chain of custody and economic impacts on ammo manufacturers and shooters.

    This was voted out of committee by unanimous vote, the delegate (Burns) who sponsored it didn't even stick around to hear our opposing testimony, think he knew he didn't do his himework on this one.

    One delegate on the committee even stated that the state of Hawaii attorney general had called this legislation "a violation of the Constitutional rights of hawaii citizens" - that kinda set the sponsor back a bit...:evil:
  4. twenty711

    twenty711 New Member

    Sorry for the false alarm guys, I should have read it more carefully; I don't know why Frank sent it out so late either.

    Good work as always guys; sorry I didn't know about it till late.

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