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March on State Capitols, January 19th 2013! With Nutnfancy

Discussion in 'Activism' started by tacxted, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

  2. sean326

    sean326 Well-Known Member

    what's the consensus, is this really going to happen?

    I'm happy to drive a couple hours and show up in Harrisburg, but i don't want to be the only one.
  3. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

    A check on the facebook event "Guns across America" by "Gun Control = More Crime" shows 5,500 people attending and 1,700 maybes.

    Also on that facebook event page people are organizing by state with emails for questions about your states event.

    I pulled PAs info for you in case you dont have facebook sean326
    It looks like PA will have more attending than some of the other states ATM.

    Spread the word. 7 Days left to rally.
  4. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    I applaud the effort and I would most definitely do this, but why on a Saturday?
  5. sean326

    sean326 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I found it, I'll be there. I wish they planned it a little more in advance it would be great to have had time for all our organizations and publications to publicize this.
  6. BubbaRay

    BubbaRay Member

    Rally at State capitals

    Checked on Facebook. Feb 8th appears to be the date, not Jan.
  7. sean326

    sean326 Well-Known Member

    There is a conflict two groups two dates it's on other threads on the board.
    I think it should be the February date to get us more time to organize.
  8. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

    ATBackPackin, Im not sure why the creator chose a saturday. My guess is that more people have weekends off.

    BubbaRay and sean326, Why just one demonstration? Why not two demonstrations? The january event can be considered practice. If you feel there was not enough organization you will know what to improve first. Like well spoken and thought out answers to the questions and comments the antis will throw out there.

    Alot can happen in 7 days.
  9. Powder burn

    Powder burn Member

    If the occupant of the White House decides to try his Executive Powers you may not have time enough to act with a February date. I will go January 18th. If there is another date in Feb I will go to that as well.
    I would not wait, or consider the Jan date as practice or you might be practicing at the gun registration counter.
    I know,"I'll never..." but if you wait, or falter or blink our rights will be gone . Please take EVERY opportunity to make the preservation of our 2nd Amendment rights a frequent and positive message in the minds of the public.
  10. tactikel

    tactikel Well-Known Member

    Springfield, Illinois here I come. Aside from voting in every election, local, state, and national, since 1972 I have never really gotten involved. That has ended. I urge you to join the NRA, and your state rifle association. The next AWB Will be PERMANENT. Our great grandchildren will wonder why we didn't do more.
  11. Powder burn

    Powder burn Member

    January 19th it is. I am going to send off a letter for myself and my wife to our Representative and Senators (again) and one to Walmart to stand against any deals with the President.
    Snail mail letters will work even better if you have the patience to hand write that many letters, I don't.
  12. Monster Zero

    Monster Zero Well-Known Member

    February date is gonna be too late.
  13. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

    High noon, January 19th 2013.

    Spread the word.
  14. 1911austin

    1911austin Well-Known Member

    See you all in Austin.
  15. goldie

    goldie Well-Known Member

    Biden is supposed to drop the bomb to obama this week, might be too late,just hope it doesnt get signed by executive order.....
  16. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

    Another youtube video on both events.

    This one is from a great youtube channel, hickok45.
    Same great message and support for the Second Amendment.


    Both the events are happening, be there.

    January, 19th 2013, Noon, At your states capital.
  17. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

  18. OpelBlitz

    OpelBlitz Well-Known Member

    I'll go to Springfield, IL if others go as well. Carpooling for any west suburbanites?
  19. tacxted

    tacxted Well-Known Member

  20. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    Anyone from VT going. I am going to be there.

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