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Mark Steyn on Self Defense and British nanny-state idiots

Discussion in 'Legal' started by hillbilly, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    The link:


    And an excerpt:
    Mark Steyn may prefer American hillbilly culture to that of the Swedish nanny state," wrote Ann Widung of Eastbourne on our Letters page last September. She was dissenting from my observations on the remarkable passivity of bystanders at the murder of Anna Lindh. "You may criticise the Swedish police," continued Ms Widung, "for being inefficient in solving murders, but I prefer to live in a culture of peace and solidarity to one of fear and gung-ho mentality. Better a nanny-state baby than Mark Steyn's 'citizen'."

    Well, it's true I subscribe to a gung-ho mentality, but I don't live in a culture of fear. In fact, British friends visiting me in this corner of northern New England from their crime-ridden leafy shires always remark on my blithe unconcern about "home security".
  2. CZ 75 BD

    CZ 75 BD Well-Known Member

    Brother Steyn...

    is a world class writer. I find him every week in the National Post (Canada), Chicago Sun-Times, Telegraph of London. Great sense of comedy, irony, satire and spot-on commentary.
  3. 7.62FullMetalJacket

    7.62FullMetalJacket Well-Known Member

    Here is another vote for Steyn, who is Canadian(?). He really lays it out for you.

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