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Markings on s&w 27-2

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by shillito4, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. shillito4

    shillito4 Member

    When I took the grips off my s&w 27-2, there where some interesting stamps. I have added pictures of them. The right side has an I inside of a triangle, a D inside of a circle, and some numbers. The left side is more interesting. It has a large N ( I am guessing this denotes the frame), an RE, an L10, a 64, a combination of numbers different from the left side, and the then some combination of symbols I do not understand nor can I tell what they are. The pic of this side is not that good.

    If anyone knows what these are it would be much appreciated.


    I post this on here before, so the pics can be found on this thread

  2. DickM

    DickM Well-Known Member

    Most of these seemingly random stampings that are found on the frames and other parts of a lot of S&Ws have no particular significance - presumably they meant something at one time, but not now. Numbers and number/letter combinations are usually what are known as "assembly numbers," used to keep track of fitted parts during the manufacturing process - once the gun is reassembled and shipped they no longer have any purpose.

    The one mark on your gun that may be significant is the large "N". I doubt that it signifies the frame size. S&W used, and maybe still uses, an "N" to indicate that the gun was refinished in nickel (an "S" or "B" indicates a blued finish) by the factory, but SCSW says that the "N" was usually accompanied by a diamond or star, or was enclosed in a rectangle. They also say that some third-party refinishers may also use similar stampings to indicate the gun has been refinished, or that the "N" as stamped by S&W may indicate that the gun was returned for some other sort of work. All of those options aren't terribly helpful, I know, but that's all I can find in the book.

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