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Marlin 30-30 scopes

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Hunter72, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hunter72

    Hunter72 Member

    I have a Marlin 336 in 30-30 and I'm back and forth as to scope or not. Now that the kids are getting older, shooting is becoming a family affair, so I need to figure out something we all can use. If I had deep pockets I could buy an identical rifle for each of us but for now we'll have to make do with the one we have.

    The kids would probably only fire at the range for now. Wife and I will be doing mostly hog maybe some deer. Ammo is Hornady 150gr (RN). I'm thinking either a fixed 4x or maybe a lower variable like 2-7 because right now I have no intentions of shooting this rifle at 200 yards but who knows in the future.

    This is my first lever gun (all my experience is with rimfire bolt actions) so my concern is the scope hanging over the hammer. I would never finger drop the hammer on a chambered round so that's not an issue. The issue is after the gun has been cleared I don't want to be in the position of having to always dry fire to drop the hammer.

    If anyone has any opinions, tips, or experience with this gun and using a scope I'd like to hear what you think, brand recommendations for optics are welcomed as well.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. heeler

    heeler Well-Known Member

    I put a Burris Timberline 2x7x26 scope on mine and used a Weaver base and Millet Angle Lock low rings.
    These scopes are made for carbine style rifles so they are short,lightweight,and look very good on the Marlin without it looking over scoped as so many Marlin 336's are after the owner puts some humongous 3x9x40 scope on it.
    These are very good scopes and expect to pay around $150.00 for it.
  3. Old Time Hunter

    Old Time Hunter Well-Known Member

    Try a Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn series 1.75 X 4 X 32mm, it has up to 6" eye relief, very inexpensive, and works great on short rifle. It will give you years of service for little dollars. For up to a couple of hundred yards you do not need the high dollar stuff.
  4. 2GunsWest

    2GunsWest Active Member

    I've got a huge Simmons 2.5-10X50 on mine. I like being able to see the things I'm shooting and at 200 yards 10x is rather nice.

    It's a pretty big scope, but where I'm at, it's pretty open land. I would just use irons if I were hunting woodland.
  5. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    The hammer issue is addressed with the stock hammer spur extension that came with many late model 336's. There are aftermarket ones too.

    For scope, it all depends on what your are doing? If mostly daylight shooting and the gun is still nicely blued, I'd get an older Weaver K2.5 up to a max of K4 in one of the last generation Micro-Trac steel tube El Paso scopes. They look like a natural fit, are about as tough as any scope out there, hold their zero well and will not break the bank. The downside is they have good glass and coated lenses, but are not quite up to today's best glass.

    Once you get away from the blue on blue steel look, it's anything you want? Mueller, modern Weavers, Redfield, Burris, Leupold, Nikon and Bushnell Elite are all good bets. The issue is that most modern scopes are matte finished. Few models left in gloss if that matters?

    Eye relief is an issue. Your rifle likely does not kick to hard, but it's easy to get an eyebrow clipped by a scope tube/bell. 3 1/2" is about minimum to prevent that, so the scope needs a generous exit pupil. So getting the scope far enough forward can be a bit tricky on this receiver unless you have added a thicker butt pad?

    The Weaver system comes in two flavors, at least. One is a one piece base that extends slightly beyond the front of the receiver. The other choice is a two piece set of bases. I like the two piece because it's cleaner, but depending on the scope, you may need the one piece "rail" to get the rings far enough forward?

    The receiver is already drilled and tapped, so there is plenty of meat to secure the screws and hold it all tight. A drop of Loc-Tite so the base screws don't come loose over time (and to help keep water out of the threads) and you are good to go :)
  6. CaliCoastie

    CaliCoastie Well-Known Member

    few options. first i love a peep personaly, skinner and williams makes one. second DNZ makes a one piece scope mount/rings that look pretty nice(dont have any scoped 336's so i dont have one). and third id check out the redfieds, i have a 3x9x40 and for the price i think they are hard to beat. good luck with your choices
  7. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

  8. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    My experience with the Cabelas and Bushnell Banners is get a better scope. You'll likely save money!

    I've only had 3 scopes that "crapped out" before expected and the above two are 2 of the 3.

    A Cabelas "Pine Ridge" 2-7x was a nice fit on my Glenfield M30 (budget version of M336 with half-magazine and birch stock). It lasted about 3yrs. Developed a detached reticle. Cabelas wouldn't fix it, and gave me a "certificate" for about 1/3 of what the scope was selling for. I haven't bought anything from them since.

    The Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5x lasted about a year on a Marlin M1895 Guide Gun. It too, developed a detached reticle from moving zero from different bullet weights during some load development. Bushnell did warranty the scope but sent back the wrong scope. I had to pay return shipping and wait 3mos for the correct replacement to show up. (they sent a 1x-4x Shotgun scope with the silly "Circle-X" reticle). I have almost as much in the replacement after paying Warranty service fee and 2x shipping as I paid for the original scope.

    I recommed either the Leupold VX-I or perhaps the new Redfield 2x-7x (made by Leupold and marketed to lower price point). Another scope that I can recommend is the Nikon ProHunter. It's been a nice scope. Nikon has dropped their policy of Minimum Advertised Price and you can pick one up for under $100. The ProHunter 4x is also a decent scope for the price. The Leupold "Rifleman" may also meet your liking. Very similar to the Redfield.
  9. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    I have one of Cabelas ballistic drop scopes for L-Evo ammo. The scope is OK and the drop is calibrated pretty well. The issue is the exit pupil - it's small and you have to get your eye in the very small sweet spot, or it's black.

    Cabelas sold them out last year at discount. I wrote to them asking if they were going to restock. The letter I got back siad they had gone back to the drawing board to make significant improvements in that scope line and would be coming out with an updated model summer this year.

    I think the idea is great - especially for the 30-30 - but I'd wait for the improved model before going this way :(
  10. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    The Vortex Viper 2-7 is being closed out and is a super deal right now. I have a Vortex Viper scope (different power) and it is very impressive.
  11. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    I run a Weaver K4 on my 1895G. Great scope for a lever gun. Use the hammer spur and all is well.
  12. Nautilus

    Nautilus Well-Known Member

    I have a Redfield 2-7x33 mounted in DMZ game reaper one piece mounts on two different Marlin 336's. For me it's the perfect set up for the 30-30.
  13. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    Yes. You would really like a 2-7x32mm sized scope on a Marlin 336. And I am waiting on Cabelas to ship my Nikon ProStaff 2-7x32mm scope for my Marlin 336 30-30 right now. Redfield & Burris are other great options. I want a set of Talley Lightweight 1-Piece Low Height ring-bases for this setup. This will keep my scope low enough to get a good cheek weld, but will still clear the iron rear sight with a 32mm objective. I hate to remove the rear sight in case of an emergency. My 336 in 35 Remington has an old Banner 4x with a post-dot reticle on it. I use weaver medium hight rings and two-piece weaver bases on that setup, but I may change that scope out eventually in favor of something more modern. This Banner is from 1976, and recently let in some moisture on a wet hunt....so, she needs to retire to a 22!
  14. NJGarand

    NJGarand Well-Known Member

    I have a Bushnell Banner 4x32mm on my 336 and it works great for what I use it for (whitetail in wooded areas: 50-150 yards). I really like the Banner Dust to Dark series and also have the 3-9x40mm version on my Rem700 in .270. I only buy Bushnell scopes because their price point and quality are right in line with my needs.

    My suggestion would be to go and look through as many as you can at the store and see what you like the best.
  15. heeler

    heeler Well-Known Member

    Abel,my Burris Timberline with it's 27mm objective just barely clears the rear sight on my 336.
    This is using the weaver base and low Millett rings.
    Perhaps the Talley base sets up higher than my Weaver base.
    With my present set up if I used a scope with a 32mm objective I would have to go with at least medium rings.
    Just a fyi to make sure it will fit.
  16. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm using medium rings with my Weaver 2.5 and it does not even have an objective bell :what:

    But I have a big head :neener:
  17. Badlander

    Badlander Well-Known Member

    I have Marlin 336s with Nikon 2-7, Weaver K4 and Weaver 1-3x20 scopes. I like them all but the 1-3x20 is my favorite followed by the Nikon.
  18. Hunter72

    Hunter72 Member

    Thanks for all the great info.

    I found these two scopes on the Midway site, the VX-I is a gloss finish and I was wondering if there is a negative to that. The exact same scope in matte is $40 more. I think I'll go check out the local Bass Pro since it's just a couple miles from home. I hate going into that place but it's a good place to start.

    Leupold Rifleman Rifle Scope 2-7x 33mm Wide Duplex Reticle Matte $189
    Adjustment Click Value: 1/2"
    Eye Relief: 4.2-3.7

    Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope 2-7x 33mm Wide Duplex Reticle Gloss $169
    Adjustment Click Value: 1/4"
    Eye Relief: 4.2"
  19. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    Nope. Gloss scopes look good on a Marlin & deer won't care either. I killed two deer this year with my gloss scope on top of my gloss finish Marlin 336.
  20. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    I like shiny - actually I think that the effort put into a fine finish is worth showing off. If your rifle is in good shape and the bluing is nice - I'd go gloss every time :)

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