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Marlin 338......?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Tomcat47, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 New Member

    Why is the Marlin 338 MXLR so hard to find?

    Gallery of Guns...No (which is where Marlin site says to purchase)

    I will keep looking, if anyone knows a decent place to purchase please let me know.

    And experiences with one as well... Been wanting one of these for a while!

    Now in position to look at purchase...no find!
  2. RPRNY

    RPRNY New Member

    My understanding is that Marlin stopped production at Ilion for a period of time for the purpose of rectifying quality issues that have plagued their portfolio since Remington/Freedom Group acquired them. I have never been able to get a clear answer as to how long the stoppage was, whether it was for the entire portfolio and what exact impact it had on volumes. Anecdotal internet reports (therefore highly scientific and reliable) suggest that it resulted in quality improvements. This might explain a pipeline supply shortage.
  3. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Active Member

    I personally own one and I can tell you it's because of the following:
    1. Production began in 2008. Production was "sporadic" as Marlin produced many different products and this was a "late" addition.
    2. Production in late 2009 was made using materials "on hand" and a significant number of "defective" recievers were built into guns that entered the supply chain between the time the decision was made to sell to Freedom group and the "keys" were handed over. That, and they were assembled by long time employees that were losing their jobs. These are the ones with the so call "droop" because the recievers were drilled/machined off center. This affected primarily the .308 and .338 Marlin Express calibers. However, I've heard of .30/30's and .45/70's that were so afflicted, too.
    3. Numbers vary, but less than 10,000 of the .338's have been built.
    4. Most of us that have one are very, very, attached to them. Especially if you have experienced the "on game" performance. I'm 3 of 3 for "bang-flops". All deer were shot at the "end" of "percieved" effectiveness of typical lever-action cartridges.... 140-160yds. At this range, the loads performed equal or superior to the .30/06 cart. w/180gr bullets....
    5. The "average" .338MarlinExp. can be expected to shoot 1-1.5" groups for 5-shots... Mine is on the "large" end of this, but, I also load my handloads to duplicate factory ammo, which is 2,540fps from a 22" bbl at 25'. Not exactly "tossing nerf balls".

    You'll get much more definitive information about the Marlin's at www.marlinowners.com
    According to Hornady, the .338ME is far from dead. We are led to believe that Marlin is going to be restarting production of the .338 as well as .444 and .45/70 in 2013.

    There are occasional "leads" on guns for sale over at MarlinOwners, so if you'll "lurk" over there for a while, you may get a "heads up" on one for sale in your neighborhood. Thats how I found mine. I got lucky and got one that had a very "tight" fit, and needed a bit more "fitting" before it was typical of historical Marlin performance, but my efforts were worth it...
  4. olliver

    olliver New Member

    Check back with these guys. They sometimes have the Marlin 338 in stock.
  5. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 New Member

    Thanks.......info helped! I missed one on Gunbroker just a few months back, can not wait til I acquire one, but then if they were put together without care, I can wait to get a good one!

    I hate that thsi transpired with Marlin.....One of my favorite gunmakers...:uhoh:

    I do hope they recover to there long term legacy status. I hate when takeovers happen with lack luster care towards products, history, or customers. And it is usually directed at greed.

    And the Historical name suffers from the bean counter in control of that which he knows nothing of.

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