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Marlin 480

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by denver express, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have any info on the Marlin 336 in 480 Ruger that they were listing as a new chambering a few short months back? I was hoping they would bring it out in the Guide gun configuration at some point, but I don't see that caliber listed on their site any longer :confused:

  2. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    It's was in their 1895RL. New for 2004. Likely not enough sales so they dropped it.
  3. dodge

    dodge Well-Known Member

    To the best of my knowledge this one never made it out of the starting gate. It was listed in their cataloge but never produced.
  4. Magnum88C

    Magnum88C Well-Known Member

    It was based on the 1895 action, not the 336.

    They had numerous problems with it, probably because of trying to make it shoot both the .480 Ruger and .475 Linebaugh, and dropped it before any were made.

    Kind of a shame, I really wanted one (I would have been happy even if it was only in .480).
  5. Well it's a shame they couldn't get it to work in that action, if that was the trouble. For myself, it would have made a better rifle if they had made it up in the 1894 action which is designed to handle the shorter pistol caliber cartridges, even if they would have limited it to the lower pressure 480 Ruger round.


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