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Maryland Assault Weapons Ban 2006

Discussion in 'Legal' started by 1badf350, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. 1badf350

    1badf350 Member

  2. FrankB

    FrankB Member


    The listed firearms maunfactures should do a Barrett did in **********. No service or support to police departments for the listed firearms. Wonder what the PD's would do then.:evil:
  3. SB88LX

    SB88LX Well-Known Member

    :barf: That about sums up my opinion of maryland politicians (at least one exception being Bartlett)
  4. Helmetcase

    Helmetcase Well-Known Member

    It's worth noting that we at MSI (thanks to Greg Marsh's tireless work) got more cosponsors for the CCW reciprocity bill than Quinter got for his stupid AWB bill.

    I've been face to face with Neil as anyone who's read my site recently has seen, and I can tell you that when cornered he knows his arguments are full of it.

    We can and will beat this.

    Incidentally, the key vote last year, and likely this year, on the Senate Judiciary committee in the MD Senate that has and will kill this has been Giannetti--so remember, support your pro-gun Dems as well.
  5. Leif

    Leif Well-Known Member

    So, when was the last time a FAMAS was used to commit a crime? :confused:

    Height of silliness ... so glad that I am moving to Maryland later this year. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep my slingshot after the turn of the year. :eek:
  6. CrazyIrishman

    CrazyIrishman Well-Known Member

    Man this has me <irate> big time!!!!! I suppose I'm gonna expand my contact list and call every single delegate aside from those that I've already contacted.

    The aide that works for Quinter is a real piece of work! If anyone calls his office at 410-841-3246 to make their opinion known regarding HB-1367 be forewarned that this person (female) will try to cut you to the quick and blow you off the phone!! His email address is neil.quinter@house.state.md.us

    To contact Senator John Giannetti to thank him for supporting us, his phone is 410-841-3141 and his email is john.gianneti@senate.state.md.us
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  7. crazed_ss

    crazed_ss Well-Known Member

    Ouch. Looks like what we have here :(

    Are they gonna allow people to keep them if they have them already? If so.. better start stocking up now.
  8. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    Holy crap, I would love to find a FAMAS. I could sell it for big bucks to a collector. How a crackhead would get ahold of one I cannot fathom.

    And a skorpion machine pistol! Holy crap I have wanted one of those since JHS. Half that list is rare collectors items.

    You MD people better burn down the capitol if this even makes it to the floor for a vote. If this passes, I predict many will leave or relocate to VA/WV because half of MD is DC commuter traffic. They can have baltimore.
  9. -C4-

    -C4- Well-Known Member

    Didn't something like this come up last year?

  10. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    This Quinter idiot has a VERY slim chance at being re-elected. Many within his own party can't stand him and wouldn't shed a tear at his demise.

    Note also that there's 30, yes THIRTY less cosponsors to his awb bill than the previous two years. Nobody wants this, especially in an election year.

    We have to POUND the offices of the democrats that sponsored this bill. Their colleagues know the bill is junk and that's why so few signed on this year. We also need to thank the people who sponsored it in previous years but not this year. Thank them for coming to their senses.

    Contact MSI for a list of people who DIDN'T sponsor this year as they have in the past.

  11. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    Something like this has come up in every state legislature since the early 90s. Every state that was going to get an AWB already has one.
  12. 1badf350

    1badf350 Member

    Never written a politician before. I'd like to write Senator Gianneti and others to thank then for their support. Can anybody help me phrase what to say? Anything I should specifically reference in my letter other than HB-1367?
  13. Soybomb

    Soybomb Well-Known Member

    proof read for accuracy and spelling, be brief, but I wouldn't spend a ton of time on it. Your letter may be read by your rep....or you may be marked on a tally boarding showing 13 people have written to approve of his stance on this bill and 4 have in to disapprove. ;)
  14. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

    That worm Quinter showed 5 seconds of FA M-16 video last year and claimed that was what his bill wanted to address.

    We should call him on that this year and ask about a bill to make it an offense for a legiscritter to LIE to his fellow representatives.

    Anyone notice that Garagiola is not sponsoring an AWB this year?
    He's sponsoring a Sunday hunting bill...

    Maybe the "Garigiola is a LIAR!" Yard signs that appeared on his home block had some influence last year.

  15. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    The "Can't Trust This" buttons need to make another appearance as well. :evil:
  16. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

  17. Helmetcase

    Helmetcase Well-Known Member

    I think we've got a real shot at the AWB going down hard. We've got a real shot also at making this be the exclamation point on the end of Quinter's useless political career. Let's keep at it.
  18. Robert Hairless

    Robert Hairless Well-Known Member

    Let's hear it for Maryland's Legislature! In the year 2000 (the latest for which I found statistical rankings) this state was only 19th in population. But Maryland managed to be 12th in total crime and--get ready for some loud applause--it was 3rd in violent crime!

    Maryland could not have achieved that much without a lot of effort by its state government. So, to all the guys and gals who are sponsoring this new gun control legislation, rational people everywhere give you the attention you deserve.

    For Maryland legislators know that if you get as many guns as possible out of the hands of law abiding people and put them into the hands of people who don't obey laws you wind up with impressive statistics. Since the sponsors of this bill know that gun control doesn't work to protect the lives of Maryland citizens they want more gun control. Nothing succeeds like failure.

    (And these remarkable Maryland legislators managed to achieve so much despite lack of cooperation from the city of Baltimore, which fights crime by underreporting it. If Baltimore would cooperate by reporting accurately who knows the heights Maryland could reach.)

    In recognition of their achievement the sponsors of this legislation have earned the right to wear the distinctive emblem of their kind:

  19. Robert Hairless

    Robert Hairless Well-Known Member

    Your advice is naive, self-defeating, and political suicide. The best place to give such advice is in gun control forums.
  20. Soybomb

    Soybomb Well-Known Member

    I never said they werent worth writing, just that you're political masterpeace may well not be read but simply tallied. I would encourage the gun control people to just not write ;)

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