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Maryland Shall Issue - Open Holster Rally january 16, 2012

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Norton, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Norton

    Norton Well-Known Member


    Maryland Shall Issue



    Monday, January 16th, 2012
    (Our 2nd MLK Day Event!)

    12 Noon – 2:00 PM

    On Lawyers’ Mall, Annapolis, Maryland

    Sign up for the latest information and updates at


    How to Participate: Join us at Lawyers’ Mall, located at College Ave. & Bladen St. (Rowe Blvd. extended), Annapolis. We will be gathering in the General Assembly’s backyard so we can be heard. MSI is arranging to have leaders and friends of the 2A community speak at the Rally. Afterwards we will disperse around Annapolis to enjoy the fine restaurants and shopping. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the day. Wear MSI Blue so everyone knows you are part of the Rally. Get MSI merchandise at the MSI web site, http://www.marylandshallissue.org.

    Purpose: To have a large, completely peaceful and unarmed gathering of supporters of Maryland “Shall Issue” and 2nd Amendment rights. We will be wearing empty holsters in protest of the current “Discretionary Issue” system that sees Handgun Carry Permits issued only to those politically connected or dealing in extraordinarily large amounts of physical cash, or the occasional person who can meet the high burden of proof needed to receive one for self defense.

    Basic Safety Rules: All holsters must remain empty at all times. Do not put toy guns, training guns or the like in your holster. We want to emphasize the emptiness of the holsters and our lack of protection. The holster will simply be a fashion accessory, symbolizing our vulnerability to criminals.


    Maryland Shall Issue, Inc.
    1332 Cape Saint Claire Road #342
    Annapolis, Maryland 21409


    Mission Statement: Maryland Shall Issue is an all volunteer, non-partisan effort dedicated to the preservation and advancement of all gunowners' rights in Maryland, with a primary goal of CCW reform to allow all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon; and to the education of the community to the awareness that 'shall issue' laws have, in all cases, resulted in decreased rates of violent crime.

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  2. mortablunt

    mortablunt Well-Known Member

    I'm going!
  3. boxcab

    boxcab Well-Known Member

    With all the attention that the 2A is getting at the State and National levels, it is time to show some solidarity to our elected representatives.

    Come on out and support the cause!

  4. 627PCFan

    627PCFan Well-Known Member

    Best of luck guys.

    May I suggest empty holsters and loaded and visible mags :)
  5. Sauer Grapes

    Sauer Grapes Well-Known Member

    I'm going to try and make it. I spend a fair amount of time on the eastern shore shooting shotguns.
    You guys have a real uphill battle on your hands! I feel your pain.
  6. Steve Raacke

    Steve Raacke Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your rally.
    We here in La have had Shall Issue permits for statewide conceal carry since 1996. We are an unlicensed Open Carry state.
    I hope you get Shall Issue passed in your state soon.
  7. Norton

    Norton Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is that even though loaded mags are legal, per the AG's office, some agencies still instruct their officers to treat them as if they were a loaded gun and to arrest and charge individuals if they have them.

    This would not be the time nor place to make a test case of that since it's the property of the legislative complex and they can pretty much unilaterally deny our application in the future for any reason.
  8. Twmaster

    Twmaster Well-Known Member

    While I am no longer an inmate of the PRM I salute your efforts to change the insanity in Maryland. If I were still living in Laurel I'd be there to support you. I will be there in spirit.
  9. 627PCFan

    627PCFan Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is that even though loaded mags are legal, per the AG's office, some agencies still instruct their officers to treat them as if they were a loaded gun and to arrest and charge individuals if they have them."

    Just wow. 28 years in md and I didn't know that. Good luck to everyone.
  10. boxcab

    boxcab Well-Known Member

    Less then two weeks to go.

    This is the kick-off to the 2012 Maryland General Assembly session. Come on out and join us in Annapolis!

  11. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 Well-Known Member

    Fight the good fight boys
  12. xXxplosive

    xXxplosive Well-Known Member

    Sorry we won't make it but............this fella from NJ is with you all the way.
    Have At It.......
  13. XD 45acp

    XD 45acp Well-Known Member

    Wishing you all the best...
  14. tyeo098

    tyeo098 Well-Known Member

    Stay strong from your southern border state! (VA)
    Be more like us :D
  15. boxcab

    boxcab Well-Known Member

    Less then a week to go!

    Come on out and join your fellow gun owners in letting Maryland's General Assembly know that we are watching them. :eek: :what: :uhoh:
  16. boxcab

    boxcab Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Today is the day!

    Those who have the day off, come join us in Annapolis.
  17. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    Giv'em heck!
  18. squirrel211

    squirrel211 New Member

    Wish I could have made it! Boo MD politics.
  19. mortablunt

    mortablunt Well-Known Member

    I couldn't make it. My parents said that it would be too long a journey to take in the car. I call bluff.
  20. JFrame

    JFrame Well-Known Member

    As another neighbor from across the river, I wish you Maryland gun-owners the best of luck! :cool:


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