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Marylanders, another shoot?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by chaim, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Just a feeler. Would we be interested in getting together for another shoot. Last one had six of us so it wasn't too bad. I'd definately prefer a Sunday (since I can't do Sat), though if Sat was best someone could organize that (I wouldn't want to do much work on that one since I wouldn't be able to be there), I'd definately be willing to do a weekday evening after work kind of thing if there was any interest.

    If we do a Sunday or a weeknight after work shoot (so I can go) I'm thinking probably Continental Arms in Timonium, the indoor range in Glen Burnie, or a rifle shoot at the range in Westminister. Another option is a Sunday morning shoot at the semi-public range in Frederick (I don't think they are open very long on Sun so it would probably have to be morning).

    Days, I don't know. Don't want to be too soon because I want people to be more likely to be able to make room on their schedules. I also don't want to compete with the South PA shoot (esp. since I plan to be there if I can) on Oct 26th. Maybe the weekend before or the weekend after that shoot?

    Anyway, is there any interest out there for another?
  2. PAshooter

    PAshooter Well-Known Member

    Hi chaim:

    I'm up for another shoot... whatever works with the group will probably be ok for me. Continental is a good place for me since I'm just 1/2 hour up I83 from there. I'd also be very interested in any outdoor locale that would accommodate long guns as I have much more trouble taking them out to play than I do the sidearms.

    Sunday - AM or PM - and as far away as Frederick would be cool with me.

    My possible "guests" at a long gun party:

    Bushmaster A3 carbine

    What say the rest of the MD crowd?
  3. DorGunR

    DorGunR Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me.......just let me know where & when.;)

    PS....What to bring??? Long guns, pistols or both???:confused:
  4. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    So far the two replies expressed some interest in a long gun shoot. We haven't tried that yet. Both a handgun or long gun shoot is still open, but let me know in your replies if a long gun shoot would be something you'd be interested in. I don't shoot my long guns often at all so I'd be more than happy to do a long gun shoot if there is enough interest.

    The range in Westminister is cheap ($10 for the day, $30 for membership, though you bring your own targets and you have to walk them out there). It is open Wen through Sun until an hour before sundown so we'd be fine waiting until afternoon so people who wished to could go to church. The 25 yard lane is currently the shortest so pistol would be possible, just not ideal.

    The range in Frederick has both rifle and pistol lanes (and a couple dedicated blackpowder lanes). The only drawback is the hours since chuchgoers would have to skip either church or the shoot.
  5. PAshooter

    PAshooter Well-Known Member

    I'm a devout church-goin' boy, but I'm sure the Good Lord would understand if I took off a Sunday morning to hone the skills associated with exercising one of the rights He gave us :D

    In all seriousness, cook up a Sunday morning long / short gun shoot in Frederick and I'm there!

    I'll keep an eye on this space.
  6. Cliff

    Cliff Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Just let me know when and where.
  7. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Cliff, is your vote pistol, rifle or either?
  8. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Mike Irwin just opened this thread: http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=41588 .

    There are a lot of us in the DC area too, and in N.VA the NRA has a pretty nice range. Would there be interest in having two, or would we want to merge into one shoot? If we want to merge into one shoot, would we want to join Mike's shoot and do the MD shoot in Nov sometime instead? What do you all think?

    You know, it looks like his is mainly a skeet shoot and then a handgun shoot at the NRA range. Maybe those who are interested can do his and ours can be a week later as a rifle shoot (the first MD rifle shoot) and that way we won't be competing. Hmmm...

    Oh, Spot, did you ever get that Mauser yet? If you haven't yet, and we may be doing a rifle shoot, then maybe that can be your "excuse".:evil:
  9. Cliff

    Cliff Well-Known Member

    How bout all three?:D Seriously, schedule permitting, and no classes to teach, Maryland,Northern Virginia,or BumIntercourse Egypt, I'll be there.I can bring my share of pistols,evil black rifle,SAR-1,or .308 carbine,and/or evil black scattergun,or a long barrel scattergun.
  10. Norton

    Norton Well-Known Member

    I'm up for the rifle shoot for sure! I need to give the new SKS a shake down cruise (sorry to mix a Naval metaphor in there) and would appreciate some more experienced folks giving it a once over.

    Spot and I were thinking thinking about checking out some rifle ranges for memberships anyway so this will be ideal.

    If we decide on the range in Glen Burnie, count me out. That guy will never get another penny of my money.
  11. MessedUpMike

    MessedUpMike Well-Known Member

    For those unfamiliar the NRA range is 50yd indoor for Rifle and Pistol.
    Where is the range in Fredrick? I amy or may not be available depending on how early/late it is. Weeknights work for me though.
  12. RobG

    RobG Well-Known Member

    Would be good for the soul. Shotgun and pistol on the 11th (I have a party to attend that evening) and rifle another day. I have an SKS that I haven't shot, yet. I'm serious about selling my 2340, so if anyone wants to check it out, let me know.
  13. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Should we make it official for the 19th? Sat Oct 11 is Mike's N. VA shoot, ours is Sunday the 19th and the next weekend is the S. PA. Or would that be a little too much for people and it would be better to have a day off in there? If that is the vote how about the weekend after the PA shoot (PA is Sun Oct 26 so we'd be Sun Nov 2).

    Personally, I'm leaning towards rifle for this one (it sounds like, so far, that is pretty popular). The Westminister range is basically rifle only, it has a 25yd, 50yd and 100yd target point at every lane and two lanes are 200yd lanes. The Frederick range is limited time wise (we'd pretty much have to do it in the morning and that would potentially interfere with attendence since we'd be competing with church for many people) but it has a little more to offer- rifle lanes at 25, 50 and 100yds, pistol lanes with several target points (I'm not sure the range) and two blackpowder rifle lanes. It is cheap, though can be more than Westminister (Westminister is $10 for the day but you use your own targets, you can also buy a yearly membership for $30, Frederick is $2 or $3 an hour and $2-3 per target you use which they go and change for you). Out of those two my vote is Westminister since we could have it mid afternoon so people can go to church and have lunch with the wife and kids if that is needed/wanted (maybe 2 or 3PM would give tons of daylight for shooting).

    Another option is if anyone who is a member at one of the Associated Gun Clubs and can get us in to the range in Marriotsville that would probably be ideal- pistol, rifle and shotgun. How many guests can you guys bring in? Typically it is probably one at a time but how about with advance warning?

    Yeah, those are the drawbacks. The range in Frederick is kind of hidden, it is back in the Frederick water treatment facilities' grounds. The one in Westminister is pretty easy to find and get to, but it is set way back deep in the Carroll County dump. There are enough trees around, and with the smell of gunpowder in the air, you can't smell anything at the range, but keep your car windows up and vents closed while you're driving back there.:barf:
  14. LeadPumper

    LeadPumper Well-Known Member


    Well, now I'd love to go shoot some more.

    Any time thats decided I'll try to get clear. Any place thats decided I'll try and find.

    But thats just me, I'm an agreeable sort.

    As far as rifle ranges go, the only one I've been too recently is the Elk Neck State Park range. 12 rifle stations (100 yard max, bring your own target stand), 12 pistol stations on seperate range (50 yard max bring your own target stand), and a shotgun trap (throw it yourself) setup. Prices were honor-system $10 a day.

    I've had good luck there before, but certainly willing to shoot elsewhere.

  15. Spot77

    Spot77 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Spot, did you ever get that Mauser yet? If you haven't yet, and we may be doing a rifle shoot, then maybe that can be your "excuse


    No, didn't get it yet, but you're right, this would be a great excuse!

    I have only handguns right now so a "mixed use" range would be ideal for me.....But as long as no other conflicts come up you can count me in wherever we decide.

    I've been thinking about joining the Marriottsville range so maybe I can check it out in the next week or so and get some info on that.
  16. DorGunR

    DorGunR Well-Known Member

    Norton posted:
    If we decide on the range in Glen Burnie, count me out. That guy will never get another penny of my money.
    Norton, I'm kinda new to Maryland and I live next door to Glen Burnie (Severn) and I didn't know there was a range in Glen Burnie.......can ya tell me the name so I can avoid it??????:confused:
  17. Norton

    Norton Well-Known Member


    Check your PM....
  18. anapex

    anapex Well-Known Member

    DorGunR: Depending on where you are in Severn you're probably a lot closer to On Target then you are to Select Fire. Both of which have their good and bad sides.

    And depending on when and where you guys have the shoot I'll try to make it. Barring any weird antics from my wife that is.
  19. DorGunR

    DorGunR Well-Known Member

    anapex posted:
    DorGunR: Depending on where you are in Severn you're probably a lot closer to On Target then you are to Select Fire. Both of which have their good and bad sides.
    anapex.........I'm about 3 miles from On Target. But the gun shop that I like to go to (and buy stuff) is Scott's in Glen Burnie. Bought my last two guns there......a Ruger 10/22 Target model and a 1911 Colt Commander.:)

    PS I've also had two guns repaired there...gotta take a couple more there for trigger jobs.
  20. greyhound

    greyhound Well-Known Member

    I can't make this one either, dang it!:cuss:

    But, I've been told that close to hunting season its about impossible to get time at the Westminster range due to all the hunters sighting in their rifles.
    Might be early enough yet but I wanted to at least throw that out there.

    Given that Frederick is even more rural, the same might apply there also.

    Good luck folks!

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