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Matrix... Berettas.. Gun future bleak..

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by twoblink, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. twoblink

    twoblink Well-Known Member

    (Flame Suit on)
    OK, I started to see some posters for the next Matrix movie go up. They were using Berettas.

    All I have to say is, if in the future, the most advanced gun is a Beretta 92.. We have lost the firearms war. :banghead:

    Horrible! You'd think with enough technology to produce the matrix, they'd have something better then 9mm Berettas...

    (Let the flames begin!!)
  2. keyhole

    keyhole Well-Known Member

    Nahhhhhh,,,,probably think they look neato on screen. After all, new tech Glock doesn't have the looks of a Baretta, or my fav, 1911, but is still a great gun.
    No need for the asbestos suit here..........:neener:
  3. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    two, in the future Congressperson Boohoo selects the pistols as in the '80s.:D Some things never change.

    two, don't ya think it's all about the Benjamins via product placement. Why the M9? Somebody got paid!:)
  4. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    Um, Twoblink, while the full world of 'The Matrix' takes place sometime near the year 2199, the electronic world inside of the matrix created by the machines takes place during the late 1990's, early 2000's.
    Remember, Morpeus points out that AI came into it's own at the dawn of the new millenium, and later Agent Smith tells Neo that the world of the matrix was a simulation of human civilization at it's height.
    So that's why when the characters are inside the matrix there are no flying hovercrafts and lightning guns, but when they are in the real world there are.

    BTW, the quickest way to tell if they are inside the matrix or in the real world is to look at the tint of the screen. If the image is tinted slightly green (like an old computer monitor) then they are inside the matrix. If it's tinted blue or other colors, then they are in the real world.

    (Yes, I realize that knowing this much about a movie makes me a dork. I don't care.)
  5. gryphon

    gryphon Well-Known Member


    Not a dork, just keanly observant.

    The only other thing that I would add to what Justin said is that you also have ot remember that most of the things that people inside and outside the matrix remember is the virtual world. So while a few may be enlightened to the fact that there is a Matrix, they also only think that "some" rules can be broken. Otherwise they could not have another sequel. Neo would be a God and the only way that the machines could stop Neo would be to kill him in the real world.
  6. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    Matrix 2 & 3.............movie future bleak

    I have hated the Matrix everytime I've tried to get through it. If I was given a chioce of only having an hour to live, or 2.5 but I had to watch the Matrix...........I'd choose the single hour.
  7. jsalcedo

    jsalcedo Well-Known Member

    The "coolness" factor of the Beretta 92 went out with Mel Gibson in the first Lethal Weapon movie.

    Not to knock them, I even own one. It just seems that the average American action movie goer would like to see something
    more cutting edge like an HK P9, P7, or USP
  8. Boats

    Boats member

    Yeah, the P7, so cutting edge, appearing with the Beretta 92 in Die Hard, the quintessential 80s action movie. Neo could cap off 9 rounds and toss the P7 away twice as often.:rolleyes:

    BTW, why should fictional characters in a movie overpay for plastic German hardware any more than someone should in reality?:neener:

    Berettas may not be "cutting edge" pistol tech, but they undoubtedly film well, John Woo being chief among the culprits of making Berettas look really cool. Dang, they also seem to work, even feeding blanks.

    One would think that since the "reality" of the Matrix can be "bent." that someone would have ported the weapons from Aliens by now, clever New Age hackers that they are.
  9. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    One poster shows Lawrence Fishbourne (aka Morpheus) using a large "stick" and a Beretta against 2 long haired BG's who are using only knives..

    Where are the plasma weapons?? Or the caseless rifles??:uhoh:

  10. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Where are the plasma weapons and caseless rifles???

    Schuey, the "Iwannacoolgun" guns don't work in the future either. Big sticks always seem to work though.:D
  11. QuarterBoreGunner

    QuarterBoreGunner Well-Known Member

    Guys guys guys- you're missing the point: IT'S THE MATRIX.

    "you think that's air your breathing?"

    They could have any guns they wanted, it's just a matter of programming. Remember when Morpheus said that the Matrix was a representation of the world as it was at the end of the 20th century? So they're just using the weapons appropriate to that time period.

    I am such a fanboy geek.
  12. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it was decided somewhere around 2017 that 'plasma rifle in 40 watt range' was ineffective against those on PCP and some of the newer drugs so they went back to sticks.

    Though I didn't care for the movie much, I did like the shockwave rifles in Minority Report. But even in that, someone ends up dying from a little 32 cal (?) revolver.

    And in John Woo's defense, he did prominently feature not one but two 1911s in Faceoff. Of course, he had them gold plated but that's besides the point. :p
  13. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    El Tejon,

    Maybe you ought to give these guys a call and tell them about your "Iwannacoolgunvirus" ... :neener:

    Don't these idiots know that you should always bring a gun to a knife fight?! :D
  14. Croyance

    Croyance Well-Known Member

    In the Matrix world logic, a gun is merely an icon. You are more limited by your internal understandings of limitations. A Beretta in the right hands (mind) would not need reloading, and can destroy city blocks.
    Indeed, with the right perspective, weapons and distance are totally irrelevant. At the end of the Matrix, there was no reason for Keanu Reeves to run into the Men in Black, or pick up the phone, he could have just made the effects he wanted to happen.
    He could force the world into a surrealistic pattern. OTOH, there was no reason why the cell phones could be tapped, but the hard line couldn't.
    In otherwords, just enjoy the special effects and action. The movie is very enjoyable from that perspective. On internal world logic, the first movie falls apart.
  15. cool45auto

    cool45auto Well-Known Member

    Where are you twoblink?!?!

    (sound of flamethrower being lit)


    Berettas are the only guns in the future worth using!!!!!!!!!!!

    :fire: :fire: :fire:

  16. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, but if you look at the construct of the matrix as nothing more than a humongous operating system (like Windows, but millions of times more complex) then it would take longer to hack the matrix to be able to have more powerful or better tools. It's much easier to use the cheesy little calculator program that comes with Windows (or a Beretta 92) than it is to write a calculator program from the ground up, even if the custom one would have functions that the cheesy windows one would not.

    So, for the scene where Neo asks for 'Guns, lots of guns' it's much easier for Tank to just call up preprogrammed objects that already exist in the matrix (Beretta's, Micro UZI's, MP5K's) than it is for him to hack the matrix and write the code for some uber gun.

    The same would go for Neo re-imagining the matrix as he sees fit. At the end of the first movie he can fly, but there's no telling how easy it is to bend the matrix program for things that don't directly affect you. (The power of a weapon, etc.) And it's likely that such glitches would cause a glitch in the matrix and catch the attention of the agents.
  17. atek3

    atek3 Well-Known Member

    this thread is so dorky it's great!
    I'm glad at least some gun nuts are dorks :)

  18. Feanaro

    Feanaro Well-Known Member

    Besides the fact that a Colt will last much longer than a Beretta.... *hides* :D
  19. Thumper

    Thumper Well-Known Member

    OK, you dorks...

    So I think we all agree that Neo could "program on the fly" by the end of the first movie.

    Maybe it WASN'T just a faux pas that a 9mm was throwing .223 brass in the foyer scene...maybe in his "Neo"phyte programing stage he DID create an ubergun?

    Nope...they screwed up. :D
  20. Feanaro

    Feanaro Well-Known Member

    We all know Neo custom modded his pistols for .223.

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