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Mec gar mags

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gudel, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. gudel

    gudel Well-Known Member

    Just got some Mecgar mags for P226. It is 18rd, flush fit.
    On the package it says it's anti friction coating. Is this similar to Beretta's PVD sand resistant finish?


    Not sure what they use on the Beretta mags, they're shiny and doesn't seem to wear off much.
  2. vzenmn

    vzenmn Well-Known Member

    The MG mags I have used seem to be some really high gloss bluing. Wears off real easily too.
  3. bharen

    bharen Active Member

    Regardless of the coating, MecGar magazines are every bit as good as the factory offerings (and for many pistols, MecGars are the factory offerings!).
  4. wizzegun

    wizzegun Well-Known Member

    I run Mec-Gars thru my CZs. They are the factory mag for half the price. They all seem to be wearing the same...hardly any wear.
  5. Halo

    Halo Well-Known Member

    In fact I'm pretty sure Mec-Gar is the OEM for both SIG and Beretta at present.
  6. Flash!

    Flash! Well-Known Member

    mecgar is oem for sig...... I don't buy anything else for my sig. I have a half dozen or so 18 rounders for my 226..... no problems with any of em...
  7. OH25shooter

    OH25shooter Well-Known Member

    I've never had problems with MecGar mags. IMO, I think the stainless reject and reload quicker which is why I switched all my 229 mags to stainless for competition shooting means only. Maybe the anti-friction is something new for wear resistance and could help with speed reloading if needed.
  8. Arc-Lite

    Arc-Lite Well-Known Member

    hopefully this finish is on the inside as well

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