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Merry Christmas to All

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by GRB, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. GRB

    GRB member

    Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. Happy Chanukah to those of you who celebrate it. Have a Merry and happy day to all others. You don't have to celebrate Christmas or Chanukah in order to have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Chanukah - you just have to go with the spirit of the season, a spirit of bestowing a gift to others. Whether or not it was God giving his son to mankind, or one person giving a gift to another, the true spirit of Christmas is that you give something of yourself to someone else, you give of yourself to better someone else. Enjoy the day, enjoy the spirit of the season.
  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Merry Christmas from an atheist!
  3. Nathanael_Greene

    Nathanael_Greene Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  4. Atticus

    Atticus Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas- Peace be with you all.
  5. MikeIsaj

    MikeIsaj Well-Known Member

    A Merry and Peaceful Christmas to one and all. Well said Glenn, thank you!
  6. PlayTheAces

    PlayTheAces Well-Known Member

    +1 to Standing Wolf.

    And while we're all warm and fuzzy, I believe a Happy 3rd Birthday to THR is in order as well.
  7. The Goose

    The Goose Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Wishing All A Happy and Joyous MERRY CHRISTMAS Holiday Season~!:D
  9. Khornet

    Khornet Well-Known Member

    Let's not forget

    to wish a merry Christmas to Art's Grammaw too!
  10. Nimitz

    Nimitz Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas to everyone, and espically to our troops overseas who are not as fortunate to be with their loved ones as I am.

    also a very Happy and healthy New Year to all.

  11. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    big +1 here
  12. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    I'm more of an agnostic than atheist. I'm open to the existence of something more, but not convinced of it.

    As an ecologist (that's ecologist, not environmentalist), my 'special day' was winter solstice, December 21. It's the day when our sun reaches the furthest point in its ostensible migration into the southern hemisphere (ostensible, of course, because it has to do with Earth's tilt rather than changes in sun's tragectory, but that discussion gets too technical for this thread).

    More importantly, it is the date of the longest night of the year. From then on, the days get longer towards spring.

    Primal cultures celebrated it for millennia. Some still do.

    But whatever. Happy holidays, whatever your spiritual persuasion.

    Now, where's my egg nog? ;)

  13. Flyboy

    Flyboy Well-Known Member

    Let's not forget a Joyous Ramadan (if I have the date right, which I don't think I do) to our sysadmin, Derek Zeanah.

    Aw, hell, whatever your persuasion, hope you're having a good time. That goes double for everybody who helps to keep THR running. I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Leave my chair, probably. ;)
  14. Bigjake

    Bigjake Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas!!!

    the hell with you PC buggers!!!
  15. hub

    hub Well-Known Member

    merry christmas all, hope santa brings everyone all the new toys they have been waiting to shoot
  16. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    <Raises a glass of eggnog to sys admins>

    May your servers overflow with cool bits & good vibes.

    Thanks for keeping it flowing.


    In keeping with the spirit of the forum and the holiday, a question:
    what caliber do northerners use to hunt reindeer?

    And what's the most common rifle used for it? Tikka maybe?

  17. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    best of wishes to all of you and all of yours
  18. gremlin_bros

    gremlin_bros Well-Known Member

    marry christmas

    may no one have to fire a shot in self defense this year though i know it wont happen but in addition may you all walk away safely to continue to be with your loved ones and friends even us here at thr.
  19. Old Fud

    Old Fud Well-Known Member

    17 posters and 91 readers so far.
    To both those who speak and those who observe,
    It's so good to be among friends.
    Good cheer to all.

  20. tonytulipz

    tonytulipz member

    Merry Christmas

    Remember those in need, give a token of help not want or greed.

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