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Messing with George Soros

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CBS220, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. CBS220

    CBS220 Well-Known Member

    If you have never heard of George Soros, you have your head in the sand. He's the far-left billionaire with an agenda. You know the type- he's been there, and now he knows more than we do about everything, and he's going to use his billions to tell us what and how we're going to do things. Not that there is anything wrong with having an opinion- but there is something a little despicable about using money in place of numbers of people to get a movement going. Moveon.org is one of Soros's children, along with many, many anti-gun groups. He pretty much spearheaded the disarmament of many Aussies, and is very much in favor of letting the Blue Helmets regulate the US right to keep and bear arms, among many other relevant topics.

    He also founded the Open Society Institute, which does something somewhere somehow. Their money also finds its way into anti-gun hands.

    Now, proceed to www.idebate.org, an offshoot in some way or another of the OSI. Search for the debate on gun control- a "pros" and "cons" list is on the page. It actually isn't all that badly done, except that it lacks facts supporting either argument (which was intentional to remove evident bias). However, when examining the list of topics, one finds that apparently idebate has come to a consensus on the issue (With only one post in its discussion, that seems to be pro-rights). You will notice, and I am quoting from memory, that it says...

    "This House moves that there is no right to bear arms.
    This House moves for more gun control.
    This house moves to prise the musket from Charlton Heston's cold dead hands"

    Or something very close to that.

    I have not yet joined the site, so I don't know how the site works. I assume- and it seems to be true- that that list (One is shown for every topic) is the "consensus" that the editor seems to feel was reached. It seems as if the editor or writer was trying to be funny, but in reality he was just being narrowminded.

    It's mostly nutty things on the site, like "This house moves to make the US pay reparations", and that sort of thing- stuff of a very "let's get the government to do everything for us" nature. Not the sort of thing that any fair debate would actually reach, as everyone knows that in a fair debate you always end up with some sort of compromise.

    I was thinking of how nice it might be for us to provide plenty of supporting arguments for the 2A and RKBA position- not that that is hard. There doesn't seem to be much debate, really, at all. Much of what there is looks like some form of ridiculous leetspeak. However, give it a try.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could make a Soros funded initiative actually support an actual freedom- and this one in particular?

    Now, if 2A posters could have such an impact as to create a site called "People of the Gun" after a long series of posts on an anti's worthless and racist rants, we could really have some fun with this.

    ROMAK IV Well-Known Member

    Soros bankrolled the Handgun Control, (now Brady Campaign) program to sue gun manufacturers out of business. He quit funding them, after the disasterous showing in the 200 elections, after which HCI changed their name and tactics. George Soros is apparantly still a Socialist/Communist and seeks to use our political sytem to force it on us. The very fact that the Democratic party accepts his money and values, should send a chill up your spine. I also happen to believe that Al Gore has not run for president after 2000, because Soros has refused to back him financially.I can't prove it, but I have a suspicion...
  3. Big45

    Big45 member

    Who cares what George Soros thinks?
  4. learn2shoot

    learn2shoot member

    Know Thine Enemy
  5. JWarren

    JWarren Well-Known Member

    We shouldn't care what he thinks, but we need to pay attention to what he is DOING.

    As with any political campaign, money is the first tool to getting a message out. Getting a message out is the first tool to telling people what to thing. Telling people what to think is the first step to gaining momentium towards legislation.

    And so far, Soros has the money to do all of the above. And he has an agenda for the US. In my opinion, he is one of the most dangerous men alive in terms of the freedoms of America.

    -- John
  6. Big45

    Big45 member

    Taking ROMAK's word for it,

    what else is he doing?
  7. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Well-Known Member


    George Soros: Anti-Gunner Who Would Remake America

    George Soros has made an immense fortune manipulating international stock and currency markets. Over the past few years the Hungarian-born billionaire has used that fortune to become a preeminent funding source for global gun control. Directly and through his organization Open Society Institute (OSI), he has funneled cash to various anti-gun groups, such as the Tides Foundation, the HELP Network and SAFE Colorado. He and seven rich friends founded their own political committee--Campaign for a Progressive Future--and spent $2 million on political activities in 2000, including providing the prime financial backing for the Million Mom March. OSI has supported UN efforts to create international gun control regulations and has singled out the United States for failing to go along with the international gun-prohibitionists.

    Soros has worked to combine with other wealthy activists and foundations to provide funding for numerous anti-gun projects. Soros and the Irene Diamond Foundation made equal $5 million contributions to form the Funders` Collaborative for Gun Violence Prevention. This organization has provided funding to the anti-gun Harvard Injury Control Center and has helped bankroll reckless lawsuits designed to cripple the firearms industry. OSI and the Funders` Collaborative (using money largely supplied by Soros) was the primary funding source for the plaintiffs in Hamilton v. Accu-tek and in NAACP v. ACUSPORT Inc. OSI provided $300,000 to the plaintiffs` lawyers in the Hamilton case and provided a grant identified as between $100,000 and $499,000 in the NAACP case.

    When Soros and OSI decided to start spending great sums of money on anti-gun research and advocacy, they went in search of an experienced activist to guide the effort. Soros came up with Rebecca Peters, a central figure in disarming the people of Australia, and a leader in the effort to ban all handguns and most long guns. Under Peters` direction, OSI soon released "Gun Control in The United States." This strikingly simplistic evaluation of gun laws in the 50 states purposefully ignored federal firearms laws and arbitrarily awarded various point values to each state that has imposed gun control restrictions favored by the group.

    Such restrictions include, for example, compact handgun prohibitions, gun registration and gun owner licensing, various gun sale regulations and gun storage requirements. States that do not allow local jurisdictions to impose gun laws more restrictive than state law are penalized in the Society`s point system. States that prohibit the filing of junk lawsuits against the firearm industry are also penalized, as are states that do not duplicate the federal age requirement for possessing a handgun.

    Out of a maximum of 100 points possible in OSI`s point system, only seven states received scores above 30%. The other 43 states, OSI claims, "lack even `basic gun control laws` [and therefore] fall below minimum standards for public safety." Twenty-three of the supposedly sub-standard states got scores of zero or below. You would never know this is a country with more than 20,000 gun laws.

    The plain truth, of course, is that the "particular regulatory measures" we know as "gun control" are absolute failures in the war on crime. Case in point: the average violent crime rate of the seven states whose gun laws OSI believes best is 21% higher than the average rate for the 43 states OSI believes are "below minimum standards for public safety." Of the 10 states that have the lowest violent crime rates in America, eight received scores of zero or below, and the Society`s favorite state, Massachusetts, has a violent crime rate five times higher than its least favorite state, Maine.

    In addition to his efforts to undermine the Second Amendment rights of Americans, Soros has spent over two decades trying to influence the political and social development in various parts of the world, particularly the nations of the former Soviet bloc. In the United States, Soros has given many millions of dollars to finance pro-marijuana initiative campaigns. He has been called "the Daddy Warbucks of drug legalization," by former Democratic Cabinet Member Joseph Califano.

    Soros is now using his fortune to not only to unseat President George Bush, but also to challenge the United States` role in the world. The aging billionaire has decided to use his fortune to remake America as he thinks it should be. And he is spending loads of cash to do it. Soros has obscenely likened President Bush to Hitler and his administration to Nazi Germany and has described the United States as "a danger to the world." To promote such slanders, he has committed $5 million to the strongly anti-Bush group MoveOn, and has promised $10 million to a new liberal activist group America Coming Together (ACT). These groups are focused not only on defeating George Bush in 2004, but on achieving vast social change in America which would include the dismantling of Second Amendment rights. He has declared that he intends to raise and spend $75 million dollars to oust Bush and force a "regime change" in America.

    Soros is intent on making American sovereignty subject to international will. He calls America`s actions to protect its citizens from terrorism as "supremacist." In its place he would have the U.S. adopt the "Soros doctrine." Under the Soros doctrine, U.S. interests would be replaced by international "collective action." His support for international gun bans fits hand in glove with his vision of an America subservient to an international collective will.

    With his vast fortune to bankroll his activities, it is clear that Soros wants not only to be the king-maker, but to set American policies to his liking in a nation remade to suit his extremist vision.

    Soros` decision to spend tens of millions of dollars to influence the 2004 election flies in the face of his earlier crusades against the use of "soft" money in political campaigns. Over the past seven years, Soros has donated close to $7 million dollars to efforts to reform campaign finance laws. Now he is spending tens of millions in "soft" money political ads to influence the 2004 election. This hypocrisy has drawn the condemnation not only of political foes, but of former ally Fred Werthiemer, the former Common Cause director, who now says "we`ll be watch-dogging him closely."

    Soros sees the defeat of George Bush as "a matter of life and death," and is as dedicated to that goal as he has been to eliminating our Second Amendment rights. He has already spent $15.5 million in this new quest and has stated "If necessary, I would give more money."

    Posted: 11/19/2003 12:00:00 AM
  8. Knotthead

    Knotthead Well-Known Member

    A quick look at the website you presented doesn't give me a very clear idea of how it works, but if you check the debate on self defense under the heading of "Individual rights", you will find the following findings:

    These findings don't seem to mesh with the ones you found on gun control. Additionally, the debates on assault weapons and background checks seem to be incomplete at this point. Perhaps some of the more eloquent members here would like to lend a hand.
  9. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of the Under Armor commercial.

    We must protect THIS HOUSE!!!!!!
  10. Erebus

    Erebus Well-Known Member

    I believe he is now support the VPC(Violence Policy Center).
  11. MikeG

    MikeG Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or would Soros make a good James Bond villain? :rolleyes:
  12. Diamondback6

    Diamondback6 Well-Known Member

    I actually saw him compared to Auric Goldfinger somewhere, and Goldfinger was the better man of the two...:eek:

    So, what can we do to mess with his head?:D
  13. 30 cal slob

    30 cal slob Well-Known Member

    Soros' The Alchemy of Finance darn near put me into a coma. :banghead:

    How the man reconciles his enormous fortune ($8.5 billion) with his communist agenda baffles me.

    Folks, he's only one man, albeit with a ton of money to throw around.

    Pro-gun voices and pro-gun votes are the best antidote.
  14. jlpskydive

    jlpskydive Well-Known Member

    He spent 75 mill to beat Bush in 04 and we see how well that went for him.
  15. Steelharp

    Steelharp Well-Known Member

    How old is he? I mean, how long do we maybe have to wait for nature to just take care of this dirtbag?
  16. RPCVYemen

    RPCVYemen Well-Known Member

    "Manipulating"? I guess he's a criminal for investing wisely. I guess some folks object to the free market. We ought to have a law against making money by investing! Those profits belong to the people!

    He applied some theoretical work from Popper (falsification as they key element of scientific inquiry) to stock market prices, and he was right more often than most folks.

    I am trying to find some way to avoid suggesting that anyone that suggests that Soros is communist might be struggling with an intelligence deficit - but it's hard. Come on folks, the man is a poster child for capitalism. He survived the Holocaust, went to England to escape the Soviets.

    Let me speak slowly, "The Soviets were communists. Communists do not believe in capital. George Soros invested capital - and made more capital. The economic system that allows him to do hat is called capitalism - see how capital is the first part of capitalism?"

    He is wrong abut gun control. He may be a wacko, and he may be left wing. He could be the son of Lucifer for all I know - but they one thing that is 100% absolutely clear is that the man is a full bore captialist!

  17. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Well-Known Member

    If i was that old and had 8.5 billion, i'd donate a heck of a lot more than 75million.

    I mean, come on. Even if you are a total lunatic and just throw the 8.5 billion in a standard savings account, you can spend .5billion (500 million) every four years, and it will last you 17 elections. That man doesn't have 17 years left, much less 68 (17 elections, one election every 4 years).

    You can live quite comfortably on the 1.9% interests from 8.5 billion sitting in the bank.

    What a tightwad!
  18. RLsnow

    RLsnow Well-Known Member

    does he have kids willing to further his legacy?
  19. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    The super-rich are so detached from reality they always go left. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Soros, you name them. By the time you have that much money, money is nothing. You then want power, which is what Soros wants But, I find it hypocritical that these three (and there are many more, especially in Hollywood) would make so much money on capitalism then turn around to condemn its nature as all three are more or less socialistic in their leanings (okay, so Buffet is just liberal).

  20. 30 cal slob

    30 cal slob Well-Known Member

    Okay, I guess I have an intelligence deficit. Thanks for pointing it out. Duhhh...

    Soros abhorred totalitarian regimes embodied by Soviet-bloc era communism.

    However, if you read his writings carefully, you will see that he argues passionately against extreme individualism embodied by capitalism (and gun ownership).

    Other components of his worldview are consistent with hardline socialism.

    So, "communism" does stick, in the classical sense.

    Again, I point out in my previous post, it's a wonder to me how he reconciles his fortune with his socialist/progressive worldview.

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