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Mexican resettlement - See any parallels?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by rick_reno, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. rick_reno

    rick_reno member

    Dec 25, 2002
    I'm reading "1491", a book by Charles Mann in which he writes about the America's before Columbus. Found an interesting passage on an Inka practice which got me thinking about the Mexican resettlement of the United States - and what the long term impact might be.

    "When Tawantinsuyu swallowed a new area, the Inka forcibly imported settlers from other, faraway areas, often in large numbers, and gave them land. The newcomers were encouraged to keep their own dress and customs rather than integrate into the host population.... In the short run this practice created political tensions that the Inka manipulated to control both groups. In the long term it would have (if successful) eroded the distinctions between cultures and formed a homogeneous new nation in the imprint of Twantinsuyu. Five centuries later the wholesale shuffling of populations became an infamous trademark of Stalin and Mao. But the scale on which the Inka moved the pieces around the ethnic checkerboard would have excited their admiration. Incredibly, foreigners came to outnumber natives in many places. It is possible that the ethnic clashes would eventually have caused Tawantinsuyu to implode, Yugosolavia-style. But if Pizarro had not interrupted, the Inka might have created a monolithic culture as enduring as China."
  2. longeyes

    longeyes member

    Dec 25, 2002
    True West...Hotel California
    Probably in the Hillary playbook. Just be patient.

    Meanwhile we will have to get by with the Mexican invasion and selected refugee resettlement.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2006
  3. Fletchette

    Fletchette Participating Member

    Nov 11, 2004
    So can I keep my 'gun culture' if I move to New York?
  4. CAnnoneer

    CAnnoneer Participating Member

    Jul 17, 2005
    Los Angeles County, CA
    Multiculturalism is okay only so long as the involved cultures are leftist-approved. Whites, guns, conservatism, freedom, independence, responsibility, etc. need not apply...
  5. mbt2001

    mbt2001 Senior Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    the myth about multiculturalism here in the U.S. is that every other culture coming here is told that their culture is more viable than ours and that we don't really have one. We have subsects of the population and un-educated people, et cetera.... but no culture...

    What a load of crap.
  6. cloudkiller

    cloudkiller New Member

    Oct 16, 2003
    No sense of history

    I agree that the very large numbers of Mexicans coming into the US unchecked has the potential to be both culturally and economically disruptive.

    Every time I read a thread that says "they don't want to learn our language and culture", I LAUGH. You could find dozens of quotes from angry Anglo-Saxons complaining in the SAME EXACT WAY about EVERY non-Anglo immigrant group that arrived in large numbers over the past 200 years. Every single one. This isn't some vast conspiracy. Most Mexicans come here, work hard, and live very labor-filled lives. They aren't here to spread some alien Mexican cultural norm (which would look much like our own, assuming it did exist).

    It takes AT LEAST 2 generations. Italians, Poles, Germans, French Canadians, Swedes, Norwegians did NOT immediately jump up to integrate and learn English and burn their flags. I have italian friends from Philly whose immigrant grandparents never learned how to speak English. They were the first generation to leave the neighborhood, etc.

    Do you really think they are trying an Inca, Roman strategy of colonialization?

    Another irony of Rick's comment is that it doesn't focus on our own culturally displacing efforts. Why look to the Inca's when you could look at American expansion? Talk about moving and disrupting populations...
  7. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virden, IL
    When I was an undergraduate, my Socialist history professor (she was not a Communist, she told us, and could be certain of the difference because she was married to one!) was something of an expert on Alice Roosevelt, Teddy's daughter. She described once how her admiration of AR had swelled as she read through a work on Chinese immigrants. AR was in high dudgeon, denouncing the racism and unfairness of the treatment Chinese immigrants got from whites. It was surprisingly progressive thought for those days, and she was greatly impressed. . . until AR spent many pages making the point that the best reason to be good to the Chinese was that the more Chinese we let in, the fewer filthy Irish scum we'd have to build prisons to hold.

    Her name is Stacy Cordery and her books on Roosevelt are pretty good, actually. Her husband, the Communist, is Simon Cordery. Great teacher. Made all the college girls sigh and look dreamy with his British accent. Looked like a cross between Ned Flanders and that guy with the mustace from Mythbusters.

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