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MI House Speaker to drag feet on repeal of "carry free" zones - cites emotions

Discussion in 'Activism' started by ezkl2230, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member


    The issue has already been studied to death, and Michigan law already allows for open carry in many of the places designated as "gun free" or "carry free" zones in Michigan, but Speaker Bolger insists that the Michigan House of Representatives waste more time and money before approving SB 59 if it is passed by the Senate.

    The facts are clear. According to the Michigan State Police, since increased access to CCW was enacted in 2001, violent crime has decreased 14% across the state - even while legal gun ownership is increasing. That have been no events in "gun free zones" involving legal firearms carriers, and Michigan law already allows OC in these areas. Simply put, there is no logical reason why Speaker Bolger should continue to stand in the way of the free exercise of our Second Amendment and Michigan Constitution (Article 1 Section 6) right to carry -- especially in light of the recent federal district court decision stating that 1) the only reason one needs to justify carry is the existence of the right in the Second Amendment and 2) one needs to be able to defend one's self anywhere one happens to be.

    We need to flood Speaker Bolger's office with calls, emails, and faxes encouraging him to fast track this legislation once it is passed in the Senate. This issue isn't about emotions, as he states in the article; it is about a civil and legal right that is guaranteed by both the Second Amendment and the Michigan Constitution, and upheld in the recent federal district court decision. Here is his contact information:

    House Speaker James "Jase" Bolger
    1-877-BOLGER-1 (office)
    517-373-9119 (fax)
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  2. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    I am writing an initiative that will hopefully appear on the ballot in 2013 that will call for the end of CPL, pistol purchase license/registration, and gun free/carry free zones in Michigan. The bill will make pistol purchases subject to the same guidelines as those required for long gun purchases, and do away with the need for a CPL. As has already been pointed out, citizens can already open carry in "gun free" zones -- without a permit and without any additional classes as will be mandated for CPL holders if they want to CC in those same areas under SB 59. While I support the legislation at this point, the added burden on CC is fundamentally discriminatory under the equal protection clause of the Constitution, and there have been no violations on the part of CPL holders in Michigan to justify calling for 9 additional hours of class and the expenditure of another almost hundred rounds as proof that we know what we are doing. Doing away with CPL will save the state money that it now spends propping up this unnecessary and unConstitutional requirement.

    Expanded access to CPL was brought about as the result of a ballot initiative that was passed by Michigan voters by a 3 to 1 margin in 2000. It is now time to take this issue to its logical conclusion and ask the voters directly to get behind legislation that will bring us closer to Constitutional Carry in Michigan.
  3. mgregg85

    mgregg85 Well-Known Member

    Please retract that before you mislead someone. You can open carry in pistol free zones only if you have a CPL.

    I feel that we should push this bill, if it passes it may help us get constitutional carry in the future.
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  4. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato Well-Known Member

    It's an election year. He's "for the bill" but by dragging his feet in the name of "further study" he can also say he's against it.
  5. Ragnar Danneskjold

    Ragnar Danneskjold Well-Known Member

    It's gonna take a long time to convince the residents of Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Detroit to go for that. And until then, it won't happen. Michigan's urban centers are holding the state hostage.
  6. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Sorry -- a misstatement. Still, in order to CC in these areas under SB 59, we will have to take more classes and jump through more hoops, and then formally request the right to be exempted from gun free zones. This is fundamentally unjust.
  7. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    There are currently well over 250,000 CPL holders in Michigan. Getting this on the ballot will require the signatures of every one of those people (258,088 valid signatures are required). I know there will be a fight, but we were able to expand access to CPL in 2000 this way; I think we can make this happen.

    My initiative will address the following issues:

    1. Completely do away with the CPL system (establish OC/CC parity)
    2. Make pistol purchases subject to the same guidelines required for long gun purchases
    3. Repeal gun free/carry free/pistol free zones
    4. Eliminate pistol purchase permits/registration
    5. Insure the individual's right to self defense at places of employment, business, and public accommodation.
    6. Provide for an affirmative defense (a presumption of lawful carry, rebuttable by objective evidence to the contrary)
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  8. Ragnar Danneskjold

    Ragnar Danneskjold Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there are plenty of upper middle class types in places like Ann Arbor who got a CPL for their own protection, but would NEVER want to see the repeal of the things you listed.
  9. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Only one way to find out! :)
  10. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    I sent an email and faxed several pertinent pieces of information to Speaker Bolger's office, for which I received the following reply today:

    Amazing! The senate has spent over a year researching, fact finding, and testifying regarding this issue, but that isn't enough. And today's shooting at Oikos University, which left 7 people dead, STILL won't convince him to reconsider his position.

    It's time that Speaker Bolger heard that enough is enough, so I sent the following reply to his email:

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  11. mortablunt

    mortablunt Well-Known Member

    It sounds like plain trolling for votes.

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