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Microlon Gun Juice

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by mattf7184, May 6, 2004.

  1. mattf7184

    mattf7184 Well-Known Member

    Anyone try this? There were articles in old magazines which were good and some internet reviews that seemed good as well. Only negative I hear is that once it goes on, it will never come off without machining.
  2. tamak47

    tamak47 New Member

    Yes, I applied it to my Glock-27 and Ak-47. This stuff is amazing!! I was skeptical at first, but it does what it says it does, it's a diligent time consuming process, but the end result is well worth it. my guns clean and cycle alot bettter, its almost like a teflon like chemical, my slide is smooth as silk, the gun stays cleaner because it's a DRY-LUBE, I did alot of calling and asking questions,
    You heat this stuff up to around, 60 degrees or more, (outside barrrell) then swab it, let it cool down and harden, then repeat the process 9 more times,
    or you can fire the gun, and swab the bore, then reapply product, your bulllet stops rising, I prefered the 10 repeated heat and cool down, its overkill but i known i did it enough by the way the barrrel feels. As far as trigger parts,,,,,same process heat then up, wipe with the gun juice, let dry and bufff, then reapply the process 3 more times, then apply the PRECISION OILER, lightly and sparingly, 1 drop of this stuff goes a long, long, way. my glock trigger went down half a pound, and is ultra ultra smooth, thne stuff works,
    The main thing to emphasize on here is,,,,,,,DEGREASE the gun good. to you get it squeaky clean. then do as I described, its worth the work, you wont use any other cleaner- lube- preservative ever again, I rarely write reviews, this is a hegemonic product, you can get it with free shipping from Donnatos firearms systems, with free shipping, and he is very good with any questions about the product. Good luck.
  3. tamak47

    tamak47 New Member

    Yes, that is true, once its one the omly way you can remove it is by heating it over 725 degrees or machining it off. you are corrrect. in my personel opinion, i dont think you will ever want to remove it, it works that well.
    wait to you try it. I have 3 AK's I built, the cycling is ohhhhh so smooth, and the cleaning up wolff ammo is no longer a chore for me, I did a lot of research and questioning about this product, before i jumped into it. not to many places carrry it, or known about it, like I said it takes some elbow grease and time to do it RIGHT, but you will be satisfied.

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