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Midway media separator question

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Cavediver, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Cavediver

    Cavediver New Member

    Jul 9, 2007
    Does the media separator included in their kit break down far enough to store in the bucket? Is the hinge durable enough to do this every time I tumble stuff, or am I going to break it?

    Due to noise, storage space, and dust, I'm going to put this thing out in the garage. Between uses I'd like to pack it up as small as possible, and keep bugs out of the media. I'm not a high volume shooter (yet), so this will only happen once or twice a month.

    If I just get the tumbler (no kit), could I put that in a 5gal bucket along with whatever screen or pan I use for a separator and the tumbling media?
  2. Mark whiz

    Mark whiz Active Member

    Feb 5, 2004
    Wabash, IN
    The tumbler will fit in the bucket (that's how I store mine) and I THINK the seperator would once you snap the 2 halves apart, lay 1 piece inside the other and then lay them in sideways. Obviously, both of them will not fit in the bucket at the same time.

    I too have space "issues" and my solution was to get a RubberMaid type of storage bin that's about 3' long, 18" wide, and 2' deep. this holds all of my tumbling equipment, media, and spare media once I pack it in good.

    Speaking of media, I keep 1 gallon zip-loc baggies to hold all my media. I just pour the media into a baggie or 2 each time I've finished tumbling - this helps to keep out the critters and moisture. If you can get your hands on "Industrial Strength" type packing baggies that would be even better.

    I've been using my Midway (Frankfort Aresenal) tumbling set for about 5 years now and nothing has broken or failed me as of yet....... so I sure can't complain about its quality.

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