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Military Brass

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by shenck, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. shenck

    shenck Well-Known Member

    I was given a bunch of military brass, and while priming I found some with loose primer pockets and evidence of brass flowing into ejector and extractor holes. Theese were not reloaded before I had to remove the primer crimp. My question is could theese have been overloaded, or could it be a firearm problem, or do you have any other ideas?
  2. gennro

    gennro Well-Known Member

    Most likely machine gun fired brass.
  3. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister Well-Known Member

    Scrap it .

    God bless
  4. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Are you sure all of them still had there crimp? Loose pocket still haveing its crimp doesn't sound right. How did you remove the crimp?
  5. shenck

    shenck Well-Known Member

    I scrapped it

    I have been scraping the bad ones.I was give a three gallon bucket full of brass, I have cleaned and loaded 500 so far and found 3 bad ones. I never felt anything out of the ordinary while depriming. I discoverd them while priming. I have been removing the crimp with about three twist of a deburing tool, But I'm going to buy a RCBS swager, there are way too many left to do with a deburing tool.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2012
  6. edfardos

    edfardos Well-Known Member

    are you sure you fully seated the primers? I thougt I removed the crimp with a deburr tool also, but I still couldn't seat primers below flush without crushing them. I set them all aside for now, as I can't usenthe rcbs swager w/ my progressive press and can't afford a dillon swager.

  7. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I suggest looking at the CH4D ram prime & swage set for $30 I think. I have it & it works great. So easy to use. If you go that route ask them how much to include another post for priming. No that it is a big deal to change the stem but I have problems gripping things & I would rather handle the biger parts.
  8. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    i wish i had seen that CH4D swager before i ordered my dillon super swage last week.

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