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mini-14 accustrut

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by paintballdude902, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    anyone used one?
  2. kingjoey

    kingjoey member

    Usually doesn't help. The problem on the Mini is with the thin barrel coupled with a gas piston.
  3. paintballdude902

    paintballdude902 Well-Known Member

    im picking up one of the new ones will it help?
  4. Ratshooter

    Ratshooter Well-Known Member

    If your picking up a new 2008 580 series of rifle with the new heavier taper barrel you won't need it. Go to www.perfectunion.com and there is a thread on the new 2008 models with photos of the thicker barrel. There is a REAL difference.

    Also do a search for Mike56 (I think) who post here and the photos of the home made accu-strut he built can be made for about $25.00. Maybe he will see this and repost his photos. I made a brass catcher like his. I haven't had a chance to try it out though.

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    Here is a photo comparing the old Mini barrel with the new one. I haven't read any reviews with an accu-strut on a heavier barrel Mini yet.
  6. LemmyCaution

    LemmyCaution Well-Known Member

    Apparently, the barrel under the gas block on the new Mini-14s is 0.625" in diameter. This is up from the 0.5625" of earlier versions, but is still no great shakes, when compared to a custom barrel and gas block, where the barrel has a consistent diameter (typically 0.75-1.00") throughout its length and the gas block is bored to the diameter of the barrel.

    As often discussed, the small outside diameter of the Mini-14s barrel heats easily and results in vertical stringing of groups in situations where the barrel is not allowed to cool between shots (and not taking time to let a barrel cool kind of goes hand in hand with semi-auto fire, no?)

    There's some degree (not a whole lot) of information on this at:


    (Scroll down the page for barrel comparisons)
  7. Tarvis

    Tarvis Well-Known Member

    In regards to the barrel harmonics being disrupted, or heat?

    The accustrut is supposed to change (improve) the harmonics of the barrel and make it flex less, right?
  8. pbrktrt

    pbrktrt Well-Known Member

    i've used the Accu-strut for a couple of years on my mini-30. all i can tell you is it works. it will shoot moa with quality ammo. i've done a trigger job, reduced pressure gas bushing, buffers, & a leupold vx-II 3x9. i do not hesitate to use it for whitetail up to 200yds. it is a handy, lightweight, good looking & good shooting carbine. i can't see the Accu-Strut not enhancing accuracy on any model mini. you will have to move the rear clamp slightly forward for the latest barrel config.
  9. kingjoey

    kingjoey member

    Not really because it only 'reinforces' the barrel ahead of the gas block, not behind it where the most force is applied to the barrel. The Accustrut basically alters the barrel harmonics which may have a positive (or more often negative) effect on accuracy. Two sheet metal clamps and a piece of steel tube isn't 'reinforcing' jack squat:rolleyes: Basically, the gas-op piston pushes against the gas block to cycle so the barrel is going to flex a little once the bullet passes the gas port which constantly changes the barrel harmonics and accuracy. A thicker barrel resists flexing more and tends to produce more consistent harmonics, apparently it took Ruger several decades to figure that out. We did some work on a Mini-14 awhile back that was shooting 4-6" at 50 yds. We improved the fit of the gas block, shortened the barrel (reduces barrel whip), installed a KA-1822 brake, and cut an 11 degree target crown on the barrel. It now shoots 1-1.5" at 100yds. Putting a smaller diameter gas port in the Mini can help reduce barrel flex as well, the factory gas port is oversized to ensure positive cycling but it is overkill and increase the amount of force that the op system exerts on the barrel. I got a bunch of Accustruts in the parts bin, no one wants them back after we remove them :(
  10. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    Send me one... stainless, please. ;)
  11. Der Verge

    Der Verge Well-Known Member

    I owned a Mini once, a "more modern" 580 series. The point of it all is this, if you have any type of accuracy goal, the mini is not the rifle for you. Some will shoot well, most will not. The positive side of the Mini 14 is that it will always fire, and they are fun as .............but bench rifles they are not.

    If you do not want to pay for the strut you can make one out of any type of steel bar (like a bottle jack handle) and a couple of taticool barrel mounts. Works just as well. Just as well as can be expected.....
  12. kingjoey

    kingjoey member

    Only got blue ones, haven't seen a stainless one come thru here yet.
  13. Mike 56

    Mike 56 Well-Known Member

    The Accustrut does work. I made mine a few years ago and is still working great. Not only did it tighten up my groups i can rapid fire ten rounds off a bench at 50yd and keep them in the bulls eye. My Mini has a Accustrut and a AK 74 muzzle break it needs them both. I also did a trigger job, made front and rear buffers, floated the barrel, changed the gas port bushing and re torqued the gas block. All these mods helped but the trigger, strut, and muzzle break helped the most along with hand loads. American Eagle 50 gr. flat base hollow points was the best store bought ammo i tried and i tried every kind of 223 i could find. Here is a pic of my mini and a target i shot from a 100yd.


  14. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    I assume you tried the rifle with JUST the accu-strut mod first to determine its effectiveness (discounting the other accuracy mods you've done)?

    How did you make your strut?
  15. Mike 56

    Mike 56 Well-Known Member

    It was process i started with the trigger job then the muzzle break added the Strut it kept shooting better. This Rifle started out shooting 5 inch groups at 50yd with Wolf ammo. Next i tried it with the strut and with out the muzzle break i lost some accuracy so i put it back on. Then one by one i did the other mods and it kept shooting better.

    The strut is easy to make the brackets are TacStar flashlight mounts the body of the sturt is a Greatneck AA flashlight cut down filled with cut down and filled rubber plugs i bought at Ace Hardware. The last plug extends out the end of the start and is notched to fit the gas block.

  16. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    I bought an adjustable gas block from Accuracy Systems for my mini 14 and along with hand loads I'm very happy with how it shoots. I have a Hogue overmolded stock and a recoil buffer but no trigger job. I'd definitely be interested in working the trigger though so any pointers?

    Accuracy Systems
  17. Mike 56

    Mike 56 Well-Known Member

    The adjustable gas block is a great mod i went the cheap rout bought a 12.00 bushing set. As for your trigger here is a link to a Minismith i believe he charges 50.00 to do Mini triggers he does very good work. http://www.greatwestgunsmithing.com/

    Again i went the cheap rout i did my trigger myself. I got this trick from a guy i met at the range him and his friends have been shooting Minis for years. Remove your trigger group get a small tourch the kind you use to solder wires heat the main spring until you see a small dot of red remove the torch and let the spring cool. You will end up with a manageable 3-4 lb trigger pull. I have done this to three Minis it has worked out well on all of them.


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