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Missouri HB 633

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by wicker1L, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. wicker1L

    wicker1L Member

    Hello everyone,
    I have been a member on this forum for a few years now and I frequently read the posts, but I rarely post any thread of my own. I noticed a common message in a lot of threads lately: WRITE YOUR REPS! So i finally did this past weekend (using a link that another member posted on this forum). I at first was suprised that I got a canned response from my MO House Rep's secretary indicating that he is a staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and that no anti-2nd Amendment legislation will pass in MO's House this term. However, I received an email from him earlier today. He proposed the following legislation this morning (which can be read at www.house.mo.gov and search for HB633):


    Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

    578.460. Any member of the general assembly who proposes a piece of legislation that further restricts the right of an individual to bear arms, as set forth under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States, shall be guilty of a class D felony.
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  2. eisenhower

    eisenhower Active Member

    That sounds awesome. I wonder if it will pass.
  3. fanchisimo

    fanchisimo Well-Known Member

    As much as I am a supporter of the second amendment, this would be a bad precedent if passed. If you can make it illegal to propose any kind of legislation, that severely limits the legislative process. Imagine it the other way around, if legislation was introduced that made it a felony to propose gun rights legislation. I imagine the guy proposed this as a message to anti-gunners. We shouldn't outlaw proposing legislation because it will likely die how it's supposed to, via votes in the house/senate, court review, or the executive branch not signing it. I will admit that it is kinda funny.
  4. wicker1L

    wicker1L Member

    I believe this was the sponsor's "tongue and cheek" response to MO HB545, which would "[m]ake it a class C felony to manufacture, import, possess, purchase, sell, or transfer any assault weapon or large capacity magazine." I concede that HB 633 would have some serious constitutional hurdles, to put it mildly, especially considering legislators enjoy absolute immunity while working in their official capacity.
  5. mrvco

    mrvco Well-Known Member

    I'd say this legislation "more than likely" has First Amendment implications :p
  6. wow6599

    wow6599 Well-Known Member

  7. BlisteringSilence

    BlisteringSilence Well-Known Member

    It's called the majority leader on Sunday night about 545. He's actually kind of excited about it.

    He gets to use it as a talking point for any other bill that Ellinger introduces or cosponsors until he leaves the house.

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  8. trailgator

    trailgator Well-Known Member

    What should be made illegal, is our Missouri legislators being paid to introduce "statement" bills that they know have no chance of ever making it to the floor, just like the gun confiscation bill the St. Louis lib reps have written. These guys are elected/hired to do a job, not waste our tax dollars on drama.
  9. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    The only response the antis have been able to come up with so far is, "that's unconstitutional."

    Well, I've got some bad news for them....

    Personally, I think that's the very reason he proposed this bill.
  10. BlisteringSilence

    BlisteringSilence Well-Known Member


    Just because we disagree with him doesn't mean we should make it illegal. That's fascist. He's advocating an opinion, a freedom I hold VERY near and dear to my heart. It's just as important as my firearm rights.

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  11. trailgator

    trailgator Well-Known Member

    Didn't say I disagreed with him. I said it's a waste of time and taxpayers money. I hate to see our pro 2nd reps doing what the liberal anti's are doing. Meaningless bills that take up time and resources that could be better used.

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