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Mitchell Arms?

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by Detachment Charlie, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Detachment Charlie

    Detachment Charlie Well-Known Member

    At my local pawn shop is what MIGHT be a deal, steal or mistake. I need advice. It's a Mitchell Arms Gold Series/95 in .45ACP, all stainless, matte finish, flat-top slide, adjustable target sights, one 8-rnd. Mitchell-marked magazine. It's tight, clean and crisp. I can probably get it ourt the door for about $500. :confused:
    Who knows about Mitchell Arms? I hope there's no connection with Mitchell's Mausers.:barf:
    Cross posting this to Handguns:Autoloaders for more reach and possible help.
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    BADUNAME7 Active Member

    Mitchell's Mausers is the latest company Don Mitchell iis associated with. He was a vice president of marketing or Sales at Colt before becoming president of High Standard for abut three years. HE abruptly left High Standard to become president of Ithaca befre founding his oun company mitchell arms in Ithaca NY. Moved Mitchell Arms to California . I believe Mitchell Arms ceased when he went to jail for Excise tax evasion . Returned as Mitchell's Mausers.

    Mitchell was not a manufacturer and bought the different models he sold from various manufacturers. His High Standard clones were made by Pastucek Industries of Fort Worth, His Lugers were made in Houston. Some rifles and shotguns were made in the Philipines. I do not know where he got his .45 1911 pattern pistols
  3. Detachment Charlie

    Detachment Charlie Well-Known Member


    I have determined that this is a Don Mitchell, California made .45. I played with it and took it down (appears to be a one-piece guide-rod, something I think is an answer looking for a question). It was tight No barrel mocement at lock-up), great trigger, internally slick (I know about machining) and shows very little wear.
    It was shiny, and matte stainless with target (adjustable) sights, orginaly Mitchell magazine.
    It followed me home. $500 didn't follow me home. Have to wait a week to shoot, according to my cataract doctor (BUT NOW I CAN SEE THE SIGHTS AND THE TARGET, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!).:eek:
    Range report to follow.
    Again, Thanx for the help.
  4. TEDDY

    TEDDY Well-Known Member

    Charlie:aint that op great I had both eyes done and can see better than I ever could.good shooting with 1911.:)

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