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mixing n matching colt navies?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Native shooter, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Native shooter

    Native shooter Active Member

    Hello everyone, once again a question for colt navies this time pietta's. I saw at cabela's they had a nickel and gold plated colt navy, which is nice looking but I dont like the gold on it. Also I saw their US Marshal shorten version, both .44 cal. I was thinking about buying both and putting the US marshal cylinder and hammer on the nickel and gold one. replacing the gold with the nickel plated cylinder and hammer of the Marshal version. They are both Pietta colt navies. So I was wondering is it possible? I would shoot both pistols but i like the longer colt navies and to mock one up with parts off another navy too make it a fully nickel plated pistol. I think it'll look nice and until Howell or Kirst make a nickel plated conversion for the nickel plated ones, they'll stay Cap'n'ball. Or if possible how protect a deblued navy so it won't rust, because I really i'm not a fan of the bluing but having at least one navy that isn't blued will cure what i'm looking for.
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  2. fdf

    fdf Well-Known Member

    Is there not a term for a male who does not have a recognized father on his birth certificate?

    Your pistol idea sounds like the above.
  3. Harrod

    Harrod Well-Known Member

    I have read and seen videos of folks who have mix-n-mash BP revolvers so yes it can be done. You just want to make sure the lock up work with the cylinder and theres no rubbing or anything like that. Outside of that do what you want man they are your guns, like you I'm not a fan of the gold look from the brass models. When you do it though post some pics so we can see the finished product.
  4. Crawdad1

    Crawdad1 Well-Known Member

  5. Willie Sutton

    Willie Sutton Well-Known Member

    Pietta stuff is all CNC made so they ought to be just plug & play parts.

    Check the timing after you swap them and enjoy.


  6. tembotusk

    tembotusk Well-Known Member

    I've mixed manufactures with good results. See picture below:

    1851 Pietta with ASM grip and trigger guard with a Kirst cylinder. Chopped the barrel to make it a sheriff's model.

    Granted, it did take a little bit of fitting to make it work. I don't like Pietta grips. It's just not Colt!

    Now that is a bastard pistol. Shoots straight and shoots every time.

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  7. Native shooter

    Native shooter Active Member

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