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MM Milsurp Shooters...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Afy, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Afy

    Afy New Member

    Pray what do you do with your stripper clips? (8mm Mauser)
    Do you toss them?

    If so would you be willing to sell about 10 or twenty of them to me?
  2. Flash!

    Flash! New Member

    I'll give them to you.....
  3. Afy

    Afy New Member

    I'm in France
  4. kfranz

    kfranz New Member

    I'll send you 10 or 20, if Flash! doesn't want to.
  5. critter

    critter Active Member

    Got you covered. Some on the way.
  6. Afy

    Afy New Member

    Thank you very much everybody. :)

    Christmas has come early...
  7. jjohnson

    jjohnson New Member

    The Germans left some strippers in France

    Oh, man, I'm laughing so hard it hurts!

    I am quite sure there's piles of 8mm Mauser strippers scattered all over France from a couple of World Wars. Oh, man.....:scrutiny:
  8. Flash!

    Flash! New Member

    glad they got you covered.... holler if you need more..... I throw them away.....

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