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Model 19 with 2 1/2 inch barrel questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by greenhorng, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. greenhorng

    greenhorng Active Member

    Missed out on one this morning (worked midnight last night and by the time I saw the ad it was sold), Anyway, been wanting one for awhile and now have the bug stronger than ever.

    Any info in regards to pricing and availability would be appreciated. Opinions also wanted. Anything important to look for, ect?

    I currently own a 686+ and a Colt detective Special.

  2. sgtstryker

    sgtstryker Well-Known Member

    Well, you missed a good one, IMO. There is a Model 19 snubby on the Outdoors Trader for $540, in Ga. I got a 66 snubby last fall for $450, a north Ga. police trade in and has a great double action pull, amazing. Just keep looking, they pop up now and then, and worth the wait. Don't know where you are, maybe others can help you in your area.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  3. greenhorng

    greenhorng Active Member

    I'm in western Kentucky, BTW.
  4. SullyVols

    SullyVols Well-Known Member

    I have a 4" Model 19 - Easily beats my current generation 686 and 629 in accuracy (in my hands) and finish.

    Also - I paid about $700 for mine used but it was in literally unused condition and has gold engraving.

    I would imagine $400-$500 would be the more appropriate price.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  5. pittspilot

    pittspilot Well-Known Member

    Very hard to find, and when you do in my area, it's a 650-700 gun all day long. I have been looking for a 66 2.5 inches with little luck

    Good luck though, they are great guns. I love mine.
  6. chuckpro

    chuckpro Well-Known Member

    I SE Missouri which might not be that far from you depending on how far west you live in Kentucky. I grew up shooting a Model 19 with 6 inch barrel and love it. My father sold the gun when i was about 16 to a friend of his. It broke my heart and before he passed away he bought it back from his friend and gave it to me. But back to your point i bought a 19-5 snub this summer that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch for about 450-500 i cant remember for sure. The bluing was gone on most of the gun so i had it reblued just to keep it from rusting, i really just wanted a shooter and something to carry if i wanted to. The problem is that it came back from bluing and looks like it is new. The color matches my 6 inch gun and my other S&W's of that vintage but with out any flaws. It sounds silly bu i have a hard time bringing myself to carry it now because i am afraid of messing it up but take it to the range any time i can.

    I see them from time to time in the LGS in the area from 450 to 800 depending on the condition and the shop. I stop by several LGS within a 50 mile radius and right now non of them have much especially in used guns.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  7. greenhorng

    greenhorng Active Member

    Yes, chuckpro, very close to SE MO. As a matter of fact I was planning on looking at the SEMO gun show next month in Cape.
  8. Hardtarget

    Hardtarget Well-Known Member

    Last year my brother took in a 19/7 snub as trade. He didn't want it...:what:...so I gave him the $350.00 he needed for it. :) He was happy and I'm all :D and the world is right!

    Some days are just better than most.

  9. Snake Plisskin

    Snake Plisskin Well-Known Member

    I love my snubby , they are sweet :) if you find one jump on it right away.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  10. Florida Guy

    Florida Guy Member

    There is no way to determine price with any accuracy without knowing the dash #. A -1 is going to cost more than a later gun.
    After -4, S&W eliminated the p/r features, so that's something to consider.
  11. chuckpro

    chuckpro Well-Known Member

    Just an update. There is a LGS about 30 miles south of me that has a 19-3 or 4 i don't remember. It has some muzzle wear, bluing gone around muzzle, and normal holster ware for a gun of its age. I would class it at 80 percent and they are want 800 for it. I actually laughed when he said the price, he is a friendly guy and thought he was joking. But he was serious , i gently laid it back on the counter. I told him i had several model 19's for that price if he was buying.
  12. bikemutt

    bikemutt Well-Known Member

    Mine is a nickle 19-4 in excellent plus condition, paid $700 for it about a year ago, way more than my gut told me to pay. No regrets. I visit an embarrassing number of gun stores and have yet to see another one for sale. They don't come around too often, if you find one you really like, and you get to check it out in person, I would say negotiate hard, but get it.

    Here's a couple a pictures of mine. There's some character wear to be sure, I still manage to see perfection.


    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  13. eastbank

    eastbank Well-Known Member

    i wanted a 19-66 stub nose but could not find one close by,when this 686 stub came along for 400.00 i snatched it up, and put pac,s on it. its a little heavier that a 19-66 but handles full loads quit well. i just got a early .44spl charter arms stub nose at a steal price and it may turn into my main carry revolver if it shoots well. eastbank.

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    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  14. Cocked & Locked

    Cocked & Locked Well-Known Member

    Here is a model 19-2 I was blessed to find & buy for $300 OTD three years ago. It had the numbered-to-the-gun grips on it. I still have them of course but it now sports these Sambar Stag ones.


    This one is a 19-3 square butt that had a 4" barrel. Transplanted a 2.5" one on it.


    This 2.5" 66-no dash was a NC SBI issued gun.

  15. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    I have a 4" model 19 and a couple 4" model 66's. I paid $400-500 for each. The 2.5" go for $50-$75 more than a 4"
  16. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    They are around. Probably several offered on Gunbroker at any given moment and I see them at shows. I don't offer my opinion on prices any longer because I got tired of people being mad at me and insulting me but my advice is pay what it's worth to you.

    In the 1970s I bought a new 19-4 and packed it for a while then sold it for some crazy reason. In 1989 I saw the one pictured at a show in CA being sold by the retired federal officer who had carried it for 19 years. Paid $185 but that was in 1989.

  17. Iggy

    Iggy Well-Known Member

    I pack this one every day.
  18. DesertVet

    DesertVet Well-Known Member

    My 21/2 barrel Smith and Wesson Model 66 is one of my favorite revolvers for carry.
  19. gordy

    gordy Well-Known Member

    Not a m19 but it is a k frame.

    This is my m65 with a 3 inch heavy barrel and round butt. I just love this revolver.

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  20. Dframe

    Dframe Well-Known Member

    You can never have too many snubbys and the model 19 is probably the finest snub S&W ever made. K frame smiths are about as perfect as you can get in 36 calibre.

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