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Modern Patton

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by twenty711, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. twenty711

    twenty711 Well-Known Member

  2. doubleg

    doubleg Well-Known Member

    Good video thanks for sharing.
  3. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Well-Known Member

    Great video.
  4. spartan55

    spartan55 Well-Known Member

    Brought a tear to my eye!
  5. GhostlyKarliion

    GhostlyKarliion Well-Known Member

    I like that a lot, thanks!
  6. SixBravo

    SixBravo Member

  7. coelacanth

    coelacanth Well-Known Member

    FOP reporting a direct hit. . . . .

    Fire for effect!
  8. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see this played on network T.V. for all the soap opera and prime time addicts to see. Maybe wake them up that there is another view to the situation than the self-loathing spilled out by the MSM.

    Out frickin' standing performance.
  9. Dannavyret

    Dannavyret member

    If only he and MacArthur were alive again. This Congress wouldn't last 5 seconds.
  10. David904

    David904 Well-Known Member

    I remember watching Patton while on Base in Connecticut years ago. At the theater, they always projected the American flag on the screen for the purpose of having a flag to salute while The Star Spangled Banner was playing.

    They did that as normal, and then this giant flag came back on screen. Folks started getting to their feet again - a little confused - we'd already saluted the flag....
    Then we heard the command "ten... hut!" and everyone snapped to attention and fell silent.

    Te real kicker was that nobody sat back down until we were directed by "Patton" to "be seated."

    Everyone sat down chuckling. Good times.
  11. AugustusMcCrae

    AugustusMcCrae Well-Known Member

  12. cbsbyte

    cbsbyte Well-Known Member

    Humorous to an extent but sadly we no longer have leaders like Patton. Maybe if we had Patton leading us instead of the current administration then we might have won. Even then it might be debatable since Iraqis never understood democracy or ever cared about it. But since that did not happen we are mired in the sand. Ever since WWII we have fought political correct wars, and we have lost every war since 1945.
  13. Glock22

    Glock22 Well-Known Member

    Patton is a great man. It is too bad that we have no leaders like him, but even if we did would they be able to make the same difference that they made historically, becuase of the indifference of the people, that we have today.

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