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More remington 870 questions

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by miles1, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. miles1

    miles1 New Member

    A continuation of my previous thread concerning the rem express 870.I got a chance to get my hands on a rem express field model and i was impressed,I didnt get a chance to shoot it but i liked it.

    Another option i was looking at was the maverick 88($199) or the remington 870 model number 25077($299).Ive read lots of reviews on both mostly positive but wanted to see what THR folks currently think of both of them that have actually owned either/or?

    This shotgun would be for general use(Target and HD),probably not for hunting although that could be an option.Can i switch out barrels with this model rem express?Is the less expensive mav 88 gonna last me as long as i care for it?Thanks again.
  2. ID-shooting

    ID-shooting New Member

    Nothing worng with either of them. More goddies for the 870 but there are still plenty for the 88. Boils down to what you want it to do.
  3. Old Guard Dog

    Old Guard Dog New Member

    Both are good. The Maverick is a "Mexican Mossberg", and takes most of the accesories that will fit a Mossberg 500. Differences are the forend is pinned to the action bars, and forends can't be changed, and it doesn't have the safety on the receiver tang. Receiver is not drilled for rail, also.
  4. Tolkachi Robotnik

    Tolkachi Robotnik New Member

    Both good shotguns.

    Remington 870 very tried and true. Worst thing I can think of is make sure you push shells into tube magazine all the way. If you get it most of the way in and release pressure too early shells get inside the flap follower below bolt and jam, requires dismantling to clear. I have seen this on several Remingtons.

    Maverick 88 doesn't have tang safety like Mossberg 500, otherwise very similar. Has plastic trigger guard. Clean it real well before you shoot it. Mine locked up very early due to perhaps mill chunks still in the works. I sent it in and service was very good. I did clean it but apparently not well enough.
  5. Snarlingiron

    Snarlingiron New Member

    Own 870's. Buddy owns Mossbergs. Have shot both, like the 870's mo' betta. Just me. Either one will do its part if you do yours.
  6. miles1

    miles1 New Member

    Anyone know if remington makes barrels for the model 25077?I couldnt find any info regarding this.
  7. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish New Member

    If it's an 870, any 870 barrel will fit on it with the exception of one Express home defense model.
  8. Uniquedot

    Uniquedot New Member

    AI&P will know and if they do he probably carries them. http://www.aiptactical.com

    That's the model he's inquiring about, but 870 special field barrels also don't interchange with others.
  9. kurt1305

    kurt1305 New Member

    the 25077 will not take most barrels. The lug is mounted farther forward and is unique to this model.
  10. XTrooper

    XTrooper New Member

    All newer Remington 870 shotguns come equipped with the Remington Flextab Kit. This system helps prevent feed jams by eliminating double feeds onto the shell carrier. If two shells do make it onto the shell carrier of a newer 870, you simply rack the slide to clear it. You can identify a Flextab Kit-equipped 870 by the U-shaped cutout in the center of the shell carrier. If the shell carrier is solid with no cuts, it's the old type.

    Also, if you get a jam with an older 870, you can clear it without disassembly. The procedure is to hold in the action release lever, apply rearward pressure on the forend, and at the same time slam the buttstock down on the ground to open the action. This is best accomplished by kneeling down and bending forward and away from the muzzle. Of course, you must be extremely careful about muzzle control and trigger control when doing this.
  11. Adam the Gnome

    Adam the Gnome New Member

    I have a 870p and love it. Very slick action. Sometimes I have issues loading shells but i am not very shotgun savvy.
  12. Drail

    Drail New Member

    Yup, for the correct answer to anything regarding 870s AI+P is the man to ask. Look at his website. Read all of it. He is the only man in the business who will actually try to talk you out of bolting tons of worthless "tactical accessories" onto your gun. My advice on buying an 870 is to avoid the cheapest offerings. Or anything that uses the word "tactical" in the name. Out of the box it may have some rough edges in the action but they are easy to fix and are very reliable guns. It's what I reach for when my dog tells there is someone outside.
  13. XTrooper

    XTrooper New Member

    How long has your dog been telling you what to do? ;)
  14. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    Any issues with the 870 can be far more easily addressed than with a 500 design. Even if it did require disassembly to clear a jam, it can be done in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. They are so simple to take down that my Boys had competed with each other taking down and reassembling 870's blind folded when they were children, and did it in underr 3 minutes. I would pick an 870 over a 500 ina heart beat.

  15. throdgrain

    throdgrain New Member

    They are so cheap, why don't you just buy one of each.
  16. miles1

    miles1 New Member

    I have thought of doing just that.

    Thats why im considering getting both a maverick 88 and the rem express 25077.Still decding if i should "upgrade" and go for a more expensive model or not.
  17. throdgrain

    throdgrain New Member

    I've owned both if it helps, I liked the Mossberg but I loved the Remington.

    Mine is a 30 year old Wingmaster though, it feels good.
  18. pesty3782

    pesty3782 New Member


    I have been using 870's for the last 27 years at work...Love the shotgun...I own two one with an 18.5 inch barrel and the other has a 20 inch rifle sight barrel....Of course they both have mag extensions on them. The other Remington I own is the 100 tac 4...just picked it up.

    870 is much easier to take apart and clean compared to the Mossberg 500.

    Tony P.

    P.S. Both of my 870's are the express model with no problems what so ever....
  19. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Active Member

    Buy once cry once comes to mind here I would suggest you save your money and buy a nicer model and yes I would go with the 870.
  20. Milkmaster

    Milkmaster Active Member

    Go with the 870 and I challenge you to ever wear it out beyond a simple repair.

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