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Mosin Nagant Availablility?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by spazzy, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. spazzy

    spazzy Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I have decided to take the plunge and pick up a Mosin. I am not looking for any particular model. But I would like to own one for the history sake and just to have fun with.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction to locate one online? Also ammo availability? I would be willing to ante up for a 440 round can if I can find one reasonably price. I haven't checked out local shops yet but I will do some shopping soon.

    I was thinking of spending between $225-250 for both the rifle and can of ammunition? Does that seem like a fair price if the rifle is in decent shape?

    I realize this isn't the ideal time to buy, but I've been dragging my feet long enough and been putting in major OT at work so I am going to treat myself.

  2. browneu

    browneu Well-Known Member

    What part of the country? I have one that I'd sell to you for $50. But I'm not going to ship.

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  3. spazzy

    spazzy Well-Known Member

    Wow thank you for the generosity. I am in south central Wisconsin
  4. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    They are all gone now from online dealers. Check the local gunstores around your area or private gun forum sales. They are sought after now bec the ammo are still affordable.
  5. PGT

    PGT Well-Known Member

  6. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

  7. Mosin T53

    Mosin T53 New Member

    I just bought a T53 from J&G Sales. Wood was pretty rough but the rest of the gun is in great shape. Thing shoots dead on at 70 yards.
  8. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    Browneu why no ship?

    I just emailed classicarms to see when they would have single rifles of the 5 pack available again, they had no ETA...
  9. caribou

    caribou Well-Known Member

    Chinese SKS' used to go for 85$, that same rifle gets 300$ easy today

    I used to buy Finn Mosin 91's in the 90's for 50$ now 350$ is norm, and the days of 69$ refurrbed 91/30's is gone, 110$ seems a starting price nowdays, + shipping.

    Goodluck, its a great rifle.
  10. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Well-Known Member

    I saw a few still on the shelf at my local Big 5 sporting goods, but that was a few weeks back as well.
  11. dstates

    dstates Active Member

    I saw two on the shelf at Shooting Sports in Moline, IL on Friday.
  12. Sock Puppet

    Sock Puppet Well-Known Member

    I recently saw an M44 in farily good shape at a small, local dealer for $240. Pricey in my book, but probably average these days. Keep an eye on the small shops.
  13. KimberUltra

    KimberUltra Well-Known Member

    i was at my local store last month and they had 12 of them for under 120 bucks each. Get the ammo first. The only place that carries Nagant rounds around me is cabelas
  14. hi-tower

    hi-tower Well-Known Member

    You probably have a Blain's Farm and Fleet near by and they usually have them in the $100 range. Not sure of the stock for Blain's but I know the Mill's Fleet Farm here in MN had them last time I was in there. The quality they have is usually pretty good.
  15. hi-tower

    hi-tower Well-Known Member

    Also my last trip to Fleet Farm they had a whole shelf of the spam cans of ammo on hand too. $99 each. it is a little more than on line but then you do not have to pay for shipping and they actually have stock on hand or did.
  16. Nutbustd

    Nutbustd Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody, I bought 3 Mosin's in late Nov/ early Dec from J&G's. I guess i just caught these right before the flood of everybody wants one. I picked up 2 Tula hex-receiver's and a Izzy dated 1928. All were in excellent shape, My 1930 Tula hex was an ex-dragoon rifle. I am now looking for a couple more, guess what? They have seem to dissappeared. I did track some down from Century Arms in Florida. Prices are going up. These rifles are additive. Excellent build, solid but ugly. Fun to shoot though. All these fine rifles need is a little updating. I installed a custom bent-bolt. ATI stock. Solid milled, rear pictanny mount (not Chinese) to replace the rear sight. Nice scope and great leather sling. Luv it!!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2013
  17. Hokkmike

    Hokkmike Well-Known Member

    At Sauers Trading Post in S. Wiliamsport, PA today they had 5. Price was just over $200.
  18. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    If you have a C and R FFL. Southern Ohio Gun has them for $122. Just got a flyer.

  19. adelbridge

    adelbridge Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt be in a rush to get one, there have been plenty for two world wars and recreation for the last 70 years. I am sure there is a shipping container or two heading our way.
  20. Nutbustd

    Nutbustd Well-Known Member

    Bigdog, thank you for the info. I do have my FFL and I realy enjoy just collecting these Mosin's. Little piece of history to go with my M1 Carbines. Adelbridge, If Obama has his way Small arms treaty WILL definitly stop all shipments of Mosin's, ammo and all types of great military firearms from all over the world. That will be very sad for all who enjoy just collecting and holding a piece of military history in your hand. Price makes it easier too.

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