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Mossberg 930 SPX aftermarket components ?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Rob21sf, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Rob21sf

    Rob21sf Member

    Does anyone have an idea who has aftermarket components available for a Mossberg 930 TACTICAL? Like Pistol grip stock, shell holder, sling attachements, anything? :D
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  2. DMR

    DMR Well-Known Member

    Mag tubes(OEM for the SPX), Pistol Grip Stock(OEM for the new SPX model), Oversized charging handle

    Mesa Tactical:
    Reciever rail, Side Saddle is almost complete, Barrel clamp with 1913 Rail

    Nordic Comp:
    Mag tubes

    3 Gun Gear:
    Velcro and elastic side saddle

    "The Knob" oversized charging handle.

    Which one do you need?

    We hope to have another surprise availble in the spring. It's in prototyping now.
  3. Rob21sf

    Rob21sf Member


    DMR - Thank you for the info. :D What I'm looking to get for the moment is Pistol Grip stock
    Mag Tube
    Oversized charging handle.

    Now all these should work on a 930 SPX Breacher model, right? :)
  4. DMR

    DMR Well-Known Member


    The SPX is not the breacher or "Tactical" model. The SPX comes with an extension.

    The Pistol Grip stock and oversized charging handle will work on any 930.

    I use a +1 extension on my tactical model.
  5. Rob21sf

    Rob21sf Member

  6. Guero4179

    Guero4179 Well-Known Member

    They stole the name Road Blocker from the Ithaca Mag10 roadblocker.
  7. Hey I just noticed that the 930 SPX has no front sling swivel or swivel stud - what the heck? How do you sling it? It has a rear one, integral to the stock.
  8. MAX100

    MAX100 Well-Known Member

    Most are using the Wilson 870 sling plate or the GG&G 590 sling plate. Both fit but you have to drill a very small hole in the right place on the top of the polymer forend for the sling plate detent ball to recess into. I have a Wilson 870 on mine.

  9. Smitty in CT

    Smitty in CT Well-Known Member


    Anything new for the 930 will be good news. The stuff coming direct from Mossberg has me scratching my head....

    Maybe you have some insight that the rest of us have missed....

    In the new 2009 catalog, Mossberg is listing this:


    My question is, WHY?!?!

    The 930 is already a soft shooting gun, it doesn't need this muzzle break, fire starter thingy... I think that the 930 community would be much more receptive (and better served) if Mossberg were to offer an 18-1/2" barrel that accepts choke tubes, rather than hanging something else off of the end of the barrel all in the name of being "tacti-cool"....

    I'd also like to see Mossberg offer an "nice" version, kind of like Remington did with the 1100 G3 (even though the G3 isn't really an 1100)...

    Anyway, end of rant.....
  10. DMR

    DMR Well-Known Member

    Because people will by them to make thier shotgun look like a Barret M-107.
  11. ah64mech13

    ah64mech13 New Member

    The Road Blocker still doesn't look like a Barrett, it just looks ridiculous. I suppose somebody'll buy it.

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