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Mossberg ATR Bolt Defect

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Ohio Gun Guy, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    I was looking in Wal-Mart at one of these rifles; but had that nagging issue about the bolt action having a defect. :scrutiny: I remember hearing about this a while ago, but can not find the conclusion to this (Was just googling it). I liked the rifle, and would consider buying it, IF the problem were discovered not to be the rifle.

    1. Does anyone here know if the cases were resolved? There were 3 cases. Mossberg was claiming to have been ammunition defects.

    2. Has the design been changed?

  2. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

  3. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    A Google search on "mossberg atr bolt defect" will turn up several accounts. I wouldn't worry about it; I would just buy a Marlin XL/XS 7 instead, which is a better gun for similar money.
  4. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Based on what I have read the bolt defects were isolated cases. Probably because the bolts were not assembled correctly in the factory.

    It would not influence my decision one way or another. There are plenty of other reasons to avoid the Mossberg. This is a troubled design that has been around for a while and already failed twice under different names. For about the same money you could buy a Stevens 200 or Marlin XL-7 that are well established, proven designs. If the Mossberg were considerably cheaper, or offered something the competition did not I may be tempted, but they do not.
  5. walgetty

    walgetty Member

    As an owner of a Mossberg 100 ATR rifle in .308 I have had problems with the bolt extractor on 2 occasions. The extractor is a little piece of metal that is weak. I have shot less than 25 rds in it I have had the bolt repaired twice ! : The extractor broke both times.
    Both times were with reloaded military brass. I only use factory loads now. No problem since.
    Also I noticed while at a local gun shop that another rifle had the same bolt in it. I think it was a Marlin XL-7 maybe ???
    I am thinking of upgrading in the future and the bolt face is what I look at now !:) Before I never paid that much attention to it.
    Hope this helps you.
  6. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information.

    I love my mossberg shotgun....but I think I'll stay away from the bolt action. :(

  7. Zumet

    Zumet Well-Known Member

    I bought a mossberg atr whitetail lighting this nov. (at a big box sporting goods dealer) shot 8-9 commercial loads and 5-6 reloads then the extractor broke. sent it back, and when i got it back they'd broken the bolt release lever spring. so it went back again then i wrote a note to ol man mosseberg hisself. when they sent it back it wasnt in the original box.!!!
  8. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    I missed it, what did they do? New rifle?
  9. gilberto

    gilberto Member

    I got a Mossberg ATR in.308 from a guy who owed me some $. Same deal, extractor broke after less than 20 rounds. Won't group either. Nothing but stringers. Rear of action is sitting on about 1/16" of the stock. Figured I'd try to bed it, hey, cheap rifle, why not? Can't get the bedding to stick at all to the stock. Stuck good to the receiver. Discovered the large bolt holding stock to forward part of receiver about broke through the stock during those few fired rounds. I'm going to pull the scope (Nikon Prostaff) and rings and scrap this POS. It wouldn't even make a good canoe paddle. Absolute worst made rifle I've come across in my entire life. Mossberg, you just crapped in your messkit.
  10. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    Honestly I don't care for the feel of the rifle to begin with, and the inferior and dangerous design (no two ways about it...it has a press-fit bolt assembly) certainly doesn't help matters. There are others that fit the budget that are better IMO, notably the Marlin XL/XS-7 and the Stevens 200. I would suggest the former for hunting due to the better stock and trigger out of the box, but for target work the Stevens has more potential accuracy with a few upgrades (notably the trigger and stock). Look at both and pick the one that appeals to you and fits you best...could do much worse than either (something like a Mossberg).

  11. The Sarge

    The Sarge Well-Known Member

    Well I'll be the "black sheep" here.....
    I have many high dollar rifles and many "budget" rifles. So I am not advocating the only rifle I own......
    I did some research myself on the "internet frenzy" of Mossbergs defective bolt. Found the guy that started that was in fact guilty of taking his bolt apart (to clean it) and did not put the pin back in. The got on the internet to drum up some support for his claims.....and of course being the internet lots of folks had the same "problem"......oh well....Pennzoil causes sludge and Mossbergs bolts are defective....it is the internet.....Spend a few hours w/Google and you'll find the info.....I sorta stumbled onto it....another forum linked a thread and there was the "Hammer of Truth" on the entire thing.
    With that said....
    I have a .243 Mossberg ATR2. Notice the "2"....it has the bolt head tig welded on....No "press fit" anymore...so anybody making that statement is a tad out of date.
    I bought it for the Grandson to learn with something larger than a .22.
    Thing shoots excellent. Is accurate and reliable. Outstanding value IMHO.
  12. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Up until this thread I hadn't heard of the broken extractor issue, I did hear about an incident that casued serious injury to someone but the circumstances aren't clear. If I were to purchase an "inexpensive" rifle in the sub $300 range today it would be the Marlin XL7. (its been rumored and I think confirmed that Savage Barrels will screw right onto the Marlin receivers) But if you'd like a rifle with great aftermarket support get a Savage / Stevens or Remington.

    PS My Mossberg has given good service for what I paid and it shoots 3 shot groups into 3/4" at 100yrds with inexpensive Fed ammo. It sports a camo krylon paint job just for fun (really because it was ugly all black).

  13. hometheaterman

    hometheaterman Well-Known Member

    I don't know what cause the issue with the bolt coming apart I've read about however, at the same time it doesn't matter to me that much. I'm not saying the Mossberg is a good or bad gun because I really don't know.

    However, that being said I'm not really sure why anyone would buy a Mossberg ATR when you can get guns like the Marlin XL-7 or Stevens 200 in the same price range that seem to be much better guns. You can even get a Savage Model 10 with the accu trigger and a cheap Simmons Blazer scope for right around $400 at Walmart. Just seems like there are a lot better choices out there than the Mossberg for the same price or slightly more depending on which one you choose.

    As for that paint job above it looks great. I've wanted a rifle like that for a while but I'm just kind of afraid to do it as I'm afraid I will regret it later on.

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