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Mossberg Making Rifles ? ?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by foghornl, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    I was in Wally-World late last night, and took a stroll by the firearms counter, just for a quick peek.

    In the revolving locked long-guns display case, I saw a bolt-action rifle that was tagged as a Mossberg "AWR" ? ? ? No matter how I revolved the case, I couldn't get it turned so that I could actually see the maker of the rifle, but it was stamped on the barrel as a .30-06. (No one on duty had a key to the rifle rack, so I couldn't get a really close look.) Did appear to be a reasonably well-made rifle in a synthetic stock.

    Didn't see anything on Mossberg's web site about this, so am I completely crazy, dreaming, or merely confuse-ed ? ? ?
  2. TODD3465

    TODD3465 Well-Known Member

    Mossberg may not have updated the website yet.

    I had my Colt M-4 Sporter before Colt revised their website and added it there.
  3. Nathanael_Greene

    Nathanael_Greene Well-Known Member

    Didn't/doesn't Remington make an "AWR" (Alaska Wilderness Rifle), or something like that?
  4. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

    If you look closely in the Wal Mart gun rack you'll also see a Mossberg .22lr semi-auto rifle called the Plinkster.

  5. Ohen Cepel

    Ohen Cepel Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with this rifle.

    However, they had (maybe still are) made the SSI recently. Got good reviews but are hard to find and may have gone out of production. Not sure.

    Mossberg had made rifles on and off over the years. Some very good, some fair.
  6. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    Mossburg does indeed have a bolt action rifle these days. I got to check one out yesterday at the local walmart. It was chambered in 30-06.

    I wasn't too favorably impressed with the rifle, most notably the safety housing. It looked to be cast...the kind of ugly casting that doesn't have any milling work done to make it look nice.

    Good Shooting
  7. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    I also am not sure what they are making/selling today in centerfire rifles, but Mossberg made a rifle called the Model 800 and an upgraded version called the Model 810. They also imported Japanese (Howa) made rifles, taking over the S&W line after the latter company decided to get out of the rifle business. The U.S. made rifles were never very popular. The Howa-made ones were nice but nothing outstanding. Mossberg, of course, has made millions of rifles in .22 LR and .22 WMR and more millions of shotguns, almost all quite good, including the outstanding Model 500 shotgun. They also tried making a M1911 pistol clone, but only prototypes were ever made.

  8. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Stopped in again at Wally-World yesterday (see post in Gen handguns re:Winchester White Box ammo) and the place in the revolving display case was empty, but the Sporting Goods guy in the brown vest stated that they had 2 of them recently...Mossberg ATR-100's, one in .30-06 & other in .270 or .280, he didn't remember which calibre.

    WM guy also stated they had the Mossberg .22LR rimfire called "Plinkster", but said those sold almost as fast as they could put them on display,($89.74, or thereabouts)

    Dropped a note to Mossberg's web-master, inquiring about the missing info on their website, mentioning that while I like the Mossy & Maverick shotguns, I really needed more info before dropping my hard-earned bucks for a center-fire rifle.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2004
  9. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Want a Plinkster - sell for $80 out here!
  10. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    Price for the rifle is $244 without scope but with bases. At $50 for rings and the same scope on the Remington, the price jumps up to $295, $50 less than the 710. The ATR100 is similar to the 710 in that they both have a synthetic stock with molded-in trigger guard (Mossberg's is black). However, the Mossberg has a conventional reciever with a screwed-in barrel with barrel lock in the Savage fashion. The bolt is traditional (though I have not looked at it in my own hands) and locks in the reciever. I know that it comes out of Texas and NOT out of New England.

    Mossberg has never done well in the centerfire rifle market (though the 810 of the 1970s is better made than the WalMart Remington 700 today) and this may or may not do well. However, it is head and shoulders better than the 710 and I can only hope that people will be steered more towards it than the 710. Now, that is not to bash Remington as I believe the 870 to be a better shotgun than the Mossberg 500.


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