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Most accurate budget 22LR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Kachok, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Kachok

    Kachok New Member

    My gun case is feeling bare without having a 22 in it. I want one for small game hunting and target practice. I prize practical accuracy over all. Tight shot groups and a good triger are key, however I need to stick to my budget and would like to find one for under $300. Does anyone have any recomendations? I have had good luck with Marlins and Savage rimfires in the past.
  2. PurpleProwess

    PurpleProwess New Member

    Ruger 10/22. Semi-Automatic, very accurate rifle recently i hit a target (Basically for S&G's) from 300 yards, no real grouping but from that range out of 10 shots 8 of them were on a 16" target. Also i like the Ruger because of the 10 round rotary magazine.

    I just got one for $220.

    Be warned though, you might want to look for an older one. The new ones have plastic trigger assemblies, and barrel bands. The receiver seems to be made out of aluminum.

    It is also a rifle that has tons of aftermarket parts available, barrels stocks, trigger assemblies, magazines, and so-on.

  3. viking499

    viking499 Active Member

    Marlin 60
    or...........if you look around like I did, You can find a like new CZ 452 for under 3 bills...:D
  4. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty New Member

    I see no reason for you to change, they are still accurate and reliable. I just encourage you to buy American made.

  5. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Active Member

    Any Marlin .22 will be a great investment. Slap a good scope on it and you're good to go. My old (pre-SN) bolt action, tube-fed Western Auto-label, topped with an equally old Weaver K4, can hit clay pidgeons at the 200 yard berm without problems. No one believed me until I showed them --- and with Federal Bulk Pak, too!

    My stainless Ruger 77/22 has a better trigger but even at 6x the price (I paid $50 for the old Marlin at an auction and $300 for the Ruger, used) it can't outshoot the Marlin.

    I did have a Remington 597 that shot very well. Paid about $150 at Academy for a gun/scope kit. Sold it to a kid at church to finance the Ruger. If I find one at a good price, used, I would jump on it just to have a semiauto .22 rifle in the stable again.

  6. G27RR

    G27RR New Member

    Marlin 795 or 60, or Savage Mark II would be my choices for out of the box accuracy at good prices.
  7. Ifishsum

    Ifishsum Member

    For a bolt action .22 - Savage MKII or CZ
    Semi-auto - Remington 597 or a Marlin M60. Aftermarket hammer will greatly improve trigger pull

    Whatever you choose, don't expect it to shoot great with cheap bulk pack ammo. It may do well, but .22s can be notoriously picky about which ammo they will shoot well. It pays to try several different brands/loads.
  8. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 New Member

    CZ 513 Basic
  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire New Member

    That would be my suggestion as well.
  10. jsimmons

    jsimmons New Member

    If you want accuracy, get a bolt gun. Someone else already suggested a CZ-452. I have one, and they are very accurate. At the same time, I have a Henry H001T lever action, and after replacing the sights, it's just as accurate as the CZ. I also have a S&W M&P15-22 AR-style rifle, and with the factory iron sights and trigger, it's almost as accurate as the other two rifles. It might be just as accurate, but I haven't had a scope on it yet because I won't have the right kind of rings until UPS gets here today.

    None of the rifles I've described have given me a single issue (and I used the first two for silhouette competition). I can't speak to the other rifles mentioned, but I think it comes down to what you like the best and what works for you.

    Things to consider are the action (semi-auto, bolt, or lever), the type of magazine (tube or standard box type), and what kind of sights are on it. Once you think you've picked the gun you want, check the net for reliability issues and accuracy enhancement tips (trigger adjustments, sights, etc).

    I think the most configurable .22 out there is the Ruger 10-22. You can literally make it anything you want it to be.

    Finally, use quality ammo if you're after accuracy. And remember that before sighting in, fire at least 20 rounds of a given brand/type of ammo. It takes that long to season the barrel to the ammo. Buy 100 rounds of four our five brands and types of ammo (you can start with locally available wal-mart stuff to keep the prices low, but don't expect really good results with bulk ammo), and take your cleaning kit to the range with you. It's going to take you a few hours to find the ammo the gun likes to shoot. Clean your bore and chamber between ammo brands so as not to dilute the results. Take copious notes.

    In my experience, Federal Auto Match is decent, CCI Mini-Mags work well (and both are available at Wal-mart), and so does Wolf and Ely (probably have to buy those online).

    I lobve getting a new rifle because I get to shoot a lot more often to find ammo it likes. :)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2010
  11. butcherboy

    butcherboy New Member

    going to be the odd man here

    my opinion: if you want a good after market parts and service i would suggest ruger 10/22, nothing beets a 25 or 50 round drum. its fun and great at the range.

    that being said, for hunting nothing beats a marlin single shot. or any marlin bolt action .22.
    i use a marlin/glenfield model 100G from the 1960's for deer and small game and it can consistantly shoot tight groups at 100yds. ( i work at a deer farm so its legal to use a .22) i know single shots are not as fun, but when hunting i like a shot that counts, not 10 or more that are close.

    in my area ( upstate ny) i see alot of used rugers and marlin at the local shops. usually just need a good cleaning and your good to go.

    i would avoid a Mossber 702 at all costs, dont let the price fool you.

    i had a ruger 10/22 carbine that i would cover a 4inch circle at 100yds, so i traded it for a 7.62x54.

    also keep in mind, if you dont like the ruger for some reason, people are always looking to buy them.
  12. desidog

    desidog New Member

    That's what i thought til i got another...and my opinion changed. The New ones with the polymer trigger housing are much tighter, and have a much better factory trigger, than the older metal-trigger guard models.

    I use my 10/22's mainly, a couple are all tricked out and very decent accuracy...but FWIW, my old garage sale 25 dollar Marlin 99 with an 19" bbl (IIRC) and missing half the screws on the rifle will outshoot the bull-barreled 10/22.
  13. BushyGuy

    BushyGuy New Member

    Ruger 10/22 are great .22lr, i own a Savage model 62 (Stevens) Semi- auto, i bought at wally world for $129.00 after taxes, i have it topped with a 3-7x20 scope, i get decent accuracy out to 100 yards.
  14. Deus Machina

    Deus Machina Active Member

    My Marlin Model 60 is nothing to sneeze at. Nice accurate semi.

    My Savage Mark 2 is almost boringly accurate, though. $25/500 Winchester Dynapoints go into the same hole on the 25 yard pistol range, with the iron sights and my bad eyes.

    I'm almost afraid of what it will do now that I got my 3-9x scope on it.
  15. PurpleProwess

    PurpleProwess New Member

    I love mine to, and really it never bothered me i took a little flak from other people, but the trigger is a part that isn't going to get abused or something that is involved with the round, so i never really got the big deal. Everything involving the round is still metal.

    Just had to put it out there some people do not like it.

  16. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer New Member

    I have two marlin 60's that you couldn't pry away from me. One scoped, the other with open sights. Very accurate. I would like a lighter trigger, but they work just fine. The tube feeding doesn't bother me, because I never have feeding issues (except for when the darn things are squeaky clean, they like to be a little dirty). Grab one and go, snake the barrel and put it away. I may go as far as 1000 or more rounds before I clean the action. I just clean the action when the action is visibly cruddy and the bolt makes a slightly different sound.

    For $300, though...I might try a savage. Better quality and better trigger for what I hear. But $300 will get you a new or used used 60, a whole boatload of ammo and a good scope or a set of williams fire sights/peep sights with money to spare. It's hard to argue that.

    I like 10/22's, they're fun to tinker on and modify. But I like my marlin 60's because they're a good, all around go-to gun. Squirrel fear mine.
  17. SpeedAKL

    SpeedAKL New Member

    I have a Savage Mark IIBV, it has outstanding repeatable accuracy and cost me less than $200.
  18. teirst

    teirst New Member

    semi auto
    clip=marlin 795

    Savage mark II
  19. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno New Member

    Remington 513T or 40X or any of the older Winchester Model 52's or newer Model 75's. As accurate as you can likely afford. Mossberg M44 is also a killer accurate rifle :)
  20. SwampWolf

    SwampWolf New Member

    I've got a very accurate Remington Model 504. If you can still find one (they've been discontinued-some say the barrels on some specimans are suspect) for around $400.00 or so, I think they are nice little .22 sporter rifles. CZ also makes a line of affordable, accurate and reliable .22 sporter rifles.

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