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Most Accurate....?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by aprayinbear, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. aprayinbear

    aprayinbear Well-Known Member

    Need Your Advice....

    I'm thinking of a 9mm to use mostly for range work, so accuracy is my biggest consideration. I'll probably be shooting 50' and 25yards. Problem is I can't go over $500 and preferably not over $400. And please don't say save a little more, because 4 or five is already a big challenge. I prefer full size guns and don't need to buy new. I was thinking about a CZ 75 duty, or maybe a used Ruger p85 or 89. Also thinking about the eaa witness, or maybe the Taurus pt24/7 pro.

    So what do you think? Fire away!:D
  2. johnson_n

    johnson_n Well-Known Member

    How accurate can you shoot now?
  3. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    For your budget, I would search for reliability first.

    $400-500 would get you a nice used Sig or HK, probably your best chance at good accuracy combined with reliability.

    My local gun stores seem to be overflowing with used pistols from the rush earlier in the year.
  4. aprayinbear

    aprayinbear Well-Known Member

    How accurate now....


    Good question.... fair enough. I'd say I'm somewhat above average (typical 10 shot score is 85-90), but most of my experience is with 22 target and 10 meter air. I also shoot a great deal of black powder. So the 9 would be a switch for me. That being said there's nothing worse then shooting a 9 and not knowing if you missed the ten because of the gun or my own shooting. So reasonable accuracy is important to me.

    Thanks for your thoughts!:)
  5. belus

    belus Well-Known Member

    My pre-B CZ 75 shot this after having some new easier-to-see sights installed. I paid $400 for it (used), but the sights were another $110 because the slide needed a bit of milling. This is the sight-in target from the CZ Custom Shop - I doubt I'm good enough to repeat it.

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  6. GLOOB

    GLOOB Well-Known Member

    My ideal 9mm range toy would be a Glock 17L. Esp at distances over 50 feet, no other pistol I've ever fired can hold a candle, except maybe an older P220. "Laser-like" kept coming to mind. I was tracing the bullets all the way to the hole. I could even tell that the first, hand-cycled shot always printed an inch or so to the left at 15 yards. Yeah, this was slightly annoying, but it's a testament to how accurate I could shoot it that I noticed this "minor flyer" after just the first mag, strongly suspected a trend vs flyer after the second, and then confirmed it with several more mags! It was like clockwork. Dunno if it was the way the gun locked up under recoil, or if maybe it was ammo-related.

    For long range accuracy, a long bore axis and sight radius are your friend. And to get that in a gun that's still lighter than a normal length steel service pistol and not at all muzzle heavy is pretty nice. I dunno what they go for used, but also consider that you could buy a range bag's worth of mags for pretty cheap.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  7. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

    I would look for a used cz75b. I have owned few different brands of 9mms and with out a doubt the cz75b is the most accurate. You should be able to find a nice one for under $500. Mark
  8. johnson_n

    johnson_n Well-Known Member

    I shot these 5 shot groups today at 15 yards. Ideally id like all the shots to be touching but i'm still learning. I own a CZ-75B SA also and that's what I would choose but definately get an action job done on it ($200+)

    Glock 19
    Warren 2 dot sights
    Glock 17 trigger and trigger bar
    3.5# Lone Wolf Distributor connector
    NY-1 Olive Trigger Spring
    ZEV Tech Titanium Plunger
    ZEV Tech Reduced power Firing Pin Safety Spring
    ZEV Tech Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring
    Winchester value pack ammo

    I called the flyer on the right.
  9. kanook

    kanook Well-Known Member

    Well it's not exactly full size or high cap, the Sig P6 is nice and accurate and my choice. You can still find them cheap (under $400) if you look around. Most of them are carried alot and fired little.
  10. smartshooter.45

    smartshooter.45 Well-Known Member

    I would also choose a Sig P6 if your in the sub $400 price range. extremely accurate 9mm's with great ergonomics and legendary german craftsmanship. mine is always in the car and gets thrown in the backpack from time to time.




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