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Mouse pistol build

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by wildeboer, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. wildeboer

    wildeboer Active Member

    I build this this pistol in .22cal, it was a joint effort between me and a friend with him drawing the parts in CaD and we had the parts lazercut in rough. The grips are Rosewood but will be replaced shortly with Wild-olive.

    A lot of elbow grease later and this was the finished product, there is still a few marks to be polished out. I quickly assembled it before our Easter weekend to shoot it, pure joy:evil:

    I'm using plastic toy-caps since they are smaller than regular caps, a lot cheaper and still give reliable ignition.

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  2. Jimfern

    Jimfern Well-Known Member

    Did you rifle the barrel or is it smooth bore? Nice work by the way.
  3. wildeboer

    wildeboer Active Member

    Thanks Jim,
    It's a off-cut from a .22-250 barrel, I fitted a silencer for a friend and had to chop off 4 inches of his rifle. I'm currently shooting 5 grains of pistolpowder (bp) in the little pistol and its light and easy on the hand while shooting.
  4. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    Oh no. I have 5 AR15 barrels in my garage that need something to do.

    I may have to try something similar.

    Well actually I have 6 barrels but 1 is brand new and unfired so I will not be cutting that one up.
  5. BCRider

    BCRider Well-Known Member

    It can be a lot easier than that. There's literally OODLES of Ruger 10/22 barrels to be had from folks that swapped 'em for something fancier. I've seen them at gun shows for crazy cheap. Like $15 to $20 each isn't uncommon at all.
  6. woodnbow

    woodnbow Well-Known Member

    Well that's pretty cool!
  7. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member

    What are you using for bullets and do you patch?

  8. wildeboer

    wildeboer Active Member

    Thanks, I'm currently shooting .22 pellets, Piledriver 30gr. No patches needed.
    Its the only pellet with a round base that loads easily, I'm thinking about making a mold but still stuck on a design though.
    Underneath is a link to the 4,5mm version, I'm using the 5.5mm caliber.

    BADUNAME30 Well-Known Member

    Now that right there is jist way too cool !!!!
    Did you incorporate a breech or just drill and tap for the nipple and just use the bore ?
    The frame looks like a laminate. Is that correct ?
  10. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    Anyone care to speculate how a 22 cal pellet would do in a 224 diameter barrel with a 1/7 twist.
  11. wildeboer

    wildeboer Active Member

    Hi Jim,
    I made a insert to screw into the barrel, the nipple screws into the insert. It is sort of a adaptor, the nipple and bore are almost the same diameter, 5,5mm bore and 6mm nipple, thus the need for a insert.
    I had to make the nipple too since the toycaps are much smaller than regular percussion caps.
    The body consist of 2 sideplates which screws onto a small frame which houses the hammer, trigger and mainspring on the insides.
    This is a pic of the inside a few weeks ago, I made a few parts like the spring and better trigger afterwards. A lot of cleaning up was also needed before bluing the pistol.

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  12. raa-7

    raa-7 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG][/IMG] Your pistol looks great ! This is my first attempt at making one.It's a .25 caliber smooth bore.I even made a bullet mould for it.All the parts are ss and the stock is made from a piece of red oak I had.All the parts were from what I had in my little shop.I made everthing on it,even the breech plug and nipple.It was one of those projects that I just wanted to see if I could do it with what I had.The most helpful was a drill press to drill out the barrel.I use about 7 grains of my own powder and it really makes some noise.:pThey're really fun to shoot :D ahhh my picture didnt show.I'll try to post it again.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  13. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    Wow! That right there is some fine home gunsmithing! :D It kinda reminds me of a cross between a Butler .22 short and a Cobray derringer. What kind of accuracy are you getting with it? Those BP powered .22's are fun to plink with.

    Lately I've been working on a little .22 project of my own. It's a .22 short break action that is sorta based off earlier blackpowder cartridge handguns. I haven't gotten as far as you have but it's gonna be funner 'n hell to plink with when she's done.
  14. Acorn Mush

    Acorn Mush Well-Known Member

    Levi, when I read this post last night I thought this was right up your alley.:D
  15. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    Acorn, you know darn well I have a thing for smallbore BP derringers! This is my kind of thread! :D
  16. 72coupe

    72coupe Well-Known Member

    Levi if you want to try something with a former AR15 1/7 twist barrel send me a note.
  17. crazyjennyblack

    crazyjennyblack Well-Known Member

    Any way I could get the CAD files on this project? This is so cool and I have a .22 barrel piece I could use....
  18. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Was talking with a gunsmithing student last year and I don't see why frames can't be bolted together from flat plates. Now I see proof that the concept is feasible.
  19. wildeboer

    wildeboer Active Member

    Thanks guys,
    It was a really fun project and I learned a lot from working with small parts.

    The accuracy isn't to bad, at around 10 yards I can group 5 shots in a 6inch circle. It takes a little time to get used to aim along the barrel but even my 9 year old daughter enjoy shooting it.

    @Crazyjenny: What about a trade? I'm not getting any .22 caliber bullets in South Africa for the NAA pistols, how about a you send me a bag and I'll send you the CAD plan and sizes of the springs etc?
    I attached a link from Cabelas :
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
  20. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    Thanks 72Coup, I might have to take you up on that offer sometime. :)

    Speaking of building guns, right now I'm looking for a 30-30 or 06' barrel. I'm fixin' to git me a .410 single shot and create a .32 S&W Long barrel for it with buckhorn sights just like on my flintlock rifle. The idea of having a rifle chambered for that caliber really gets me going. I can cast and load for that caliber and since I can't get .22LR anywhere it would make a great substitute. It would carry like a good ol' cane fishing pole if I'm out bumming around the woods like I usually do. It would also be very quiet, with .32 S&W shorts the sound signature wouldn't carry far at all. :D

    Yes, I know I'm pretty quirky for wanting to do this. Yes, I know I'm not like most 19 year olds. But I want more than anything to build one and there's an empty space on my gun rack so I will.

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