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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mach1.3, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. mach1.3

    mach1.3 Well-Known Member

    S&W MP10 is a new offering in .308W in an AR10 platform. Anyone have one or experience with same. Seems to be a good value as AR10s go.
  2. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    I would imagine it is a pretty decent commercial spec AR-10 much like their M&P-15 is a pretty decent commercial spec AR-15.
  3. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    The fact that its 7075 upper/lower is a good sign to me.
  4. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    What magazines does it take?

    Non-starter if its something proprietary, big negative for me if its the Armalite (modified M14) pattern.
  5. plouffedaddy

    plouffedaddy Well-Known Member

  6. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    Pmags but my question is there is only one type of 308 pmag right?
  7. gotigers

    gotigers Well-Known Member

    I will admint S&W ARs are not milspec, but they are more milspec than "commercial" ARs. The S&Ws i've owned or shot have most milspec features, except S&W uses melonite instead of chrome lining and a semi-auto BCG. Otherwise mine have more milspec than commercial ARs. My First S&W has a chrome bore. All S&Ws i've seen have milspec buffer tubes. I know there is more to milspec than buffer tubes.

    I would think the S&W MP10 is a good buy.

    Are they chambered in 308 or 7.62 nato?
  8. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    I've got a M&P AR15 and really like it. This looks like a nice rifle, think they have a winner with the 18" 5R barrel and the M4 style stock.

    They will probably follow up with a 20", 22" or 24" using a rifle stock if I were betting on it.

    Glad to see another entrant in to the AR10 field, especially since they went with a design compatible with the PMAGs (since I already have a DPMS LR308) which uses them too.
  9. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

  10. VA27

    VA27 Well-Known Member

    I'd buy one sight unseen. The problem is seeing one. My dealer got a good chuckle when I asked about one today.
  11. jim243

    jim243 Well-Known Member

    Seems a bit pricy at $1,700.00.


    BADUNAME2 Well-Known Member

    I saw one just the other day. That might be explained by the markup, as the LGS that had it wanted $1990 for it.
  13. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    For that price, it better be fantastic.
  14. gotigers

    gotigers Well-Known Member

    yeah a bit high. Especially the DPMS isn't a bad 308 around the $1000-1200 range. I doubt the S&W is $500 better. Lets see the street price.
  15. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    msrp is street price right now give or take 100 with the california versions being worth more. Get your stuff the next panic will be worse than this one and might be the last one.
  16. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    Got one in today. It is very nice. With the long flash hider it seems almost like a 20". It seems very straight and solid. The weight with scope is not excessive though not light. Balance is near perfect. The castle nut is staked. This seems like a nice ar-10. If I can get it to consistently shoot 3.5" five shot cold barrel groups at 200 meters I will be very happy.:D
  17. gunnutery

    gunnutery Well-Known Member

    I'm not a S&W guy, but I do want one of these. I think the pmag offering is one of the main reasons, but also that I would trust the quality. It might have potential aftermarket stuff for a major manufacturer AR10. The price is going to make me hold off for a long time though.
  18. sleepyone

    sleepyone Well-Known Member

    I've owned several M&P15s. S&W makes high quality ARs, and I'm sure this one is no different. I just sold my last AR and all gear since I was not a huge 5.56 fan, but this rifle really has my attention. There is an excellent review in this month's Guns and Ammo.
  19. -v-

    -v- Well-Known Member

    Looks like its good to go. Takes PMags, and the weight on it is very reasonable. Price right now is high because I think its a fairly rescent release. Once supply catches up, I would expect them to be selling around $1500, which is same range as an AR-10.

    Also, I am of the mindset that I'll take a melonite barrel over a steel or a chrome lined barrel for this application. Melonite is newer then chrome so it doesn't have as long a track record, but it seems that it does bring to the table very near the durability of chrome with the same accuracy that stainless steel/white steel barrel can muster.
  20. dvdcrr

    dvdcrr member

    I just put a cmmg 2 stage trigger in mine and it feels good and passes safety check. I haven't shot it yet though. I had to take out the ambi-bolt catch temporarily for installation so the trigger could drop in. That problem was unique to the cmmg , I don't think it would be needed for other units.

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