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Must Read Article on Gun Control!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by sxylady, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. sxylady

    sxylady Member

    I ran across this exceptional article on Gun Laws and Their Effect on Crime on digg. Everyone needs to read this especially our politicians. Read it and tell the board what are your thoughts? Mine are clear!
  2. SamTuckerMTNMAN

    SamTuckerMTNMAN Well-Known Member

    please also cut and paste as you are able when giving a link, some people really appreciate that (slower connections, quick glance THR checkers, my work wont let me access that page because its blocked. . . etc)

    thanks for the info!

    nice work

  3. LoverOfLiberty

    LoverOfLiberty Active Member

    Honestly, I think it's sub-par. I appreciate the person's research, but a little more research and time spent on the article could make it a bit stronger. It's also kind of short for such a statistically intensive concept.
  4. sxylady

    sxylady Member

    Strong Article

    I thought it was a very strong article. It hits the point hard that stricter laws don't equate to better crime statistics. An important point which most people don't understand.

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