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My Christmas Rifles

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jrfoxx, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. jrfoxx

    jrfoxx Well-Known Member

    Heres my 2 Christmas rifles:
    U.S. Savage Enfield No.4 MkI 1943

    Turkish Mauser 1893 with original bluing and arabic inscriptions/makings, stock refinished by me with BLO and Tung oil (it was so oily, dirty and grungy it was jet black, my first attempt at "proper" milsurp stock refinishing)

    LOTS of ammo for each is on its way.Hopefully the rain will top someday so I can shoot them.:)
  2. jrfoxx

    jrfoxx Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what the correct buttstok cleaning kit for the Savage Enfields is, and an idea on where to get one? The ONLY mention of cleaning kits at all I can find is a pull-through type listed on Numrich's.The buttstock has a large opening and a smaler one next to it that would appear to be for a cleaning ROD.Did they use a rod, or pull-through, or both? Anyone know what the correct kit is for these? Any hints where to find one if its the rod type (as Numrich's sells the pull-throughs)?

    Thanks in advace.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2006
  3. Blackfork

    Blackfork Well-Known Member

    congrats on Christmas Rifles.

    Santa is a good man.
  4. saltyphotog

    saltyphotog Well-Known Member

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!! Someone was good this year. Happy Shooting!
  5. DougW

    DougW Well-Known Member

    The only item for the "cleaning kit" is the pull through. No cleaning rod was ever producd for the Enfield. The rope of the pull through goes in the big chamber and the brass weight goes in the small hole.
  6. DougW

    DougW Well-Known Member

    BTW, Nice Savage!!!
  7. jrfoxx

    jrfoxx Well-Known Member

    DougW--Thanks x2 :)
  8. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Purty stock on the Savage!

    You need a sling for that bad boy.
  9. pruav

    pruav Active Member

    Here is what Santa brought me


    Remington 700P LTR .308
    Nightforce 3.5-15 50mm
    Badger Ordance Rings & 20 MOA base
    Harris bipod

    Looking forward to Wed so I can test it out.
  10. mustanger98

    mustanger98 Well-Known Member

    That Savage Enfield is purty. Real nice grain in that wood. Now if you can get a proper sling and the pull through.:cool:
  11. jrfoxx

    jrfoxx Well-Known Member

    Pull-through is on order, as is an original sling.:) Thanks for the compliments on the wood, also.Wish I could take credit, but thats how I got it from SOG.I didnt do a single thing to it other than a quick wipe-down.Bluing is excellent on the rifle itself.(the mag and bayo sheath are kinda rough, but thats not much of a concern to me really). I am VERY happy with it for $170. 100 rounds of ammo arrived yesterday.Hope to take it out thursday, weather permitting.

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