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My debating an anti part one for me

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Axel Larson, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    I have debated with antis on facebook before but I figured I would share this one.
    Her " i believe tomorrow we will hear the recommendations for new gun laws....i don't think guns will ever be banned ...and if so, many people will never give up their guns but it is insane that it is so easy to buy guns that shouldn't even be on the earth as far as i'm concerned....how can it be you can walk into a gun shop buy a gun but need absolutely zero knowledge to shoot it? yes you can buy a car but at least you need to have a license to drive it and there are serious laws to follow to keep your license! Grant it, many break the laws daily but that license can be taken away when you are braking the laws."

    Me " One a background check is required on every firearm purchase through a FFL. Second 4% of firearms used in crimes are bought legally, that means 96% were either stolen or bought on the black market. Also in this recent tragedy the weapons were stolen from his mother. Also you can buy a car without a license you just cannot drive it on the roads legally. I respectfully disagree that it is too easy for someone to buy a firearm. in fact crime has been dropping. Look at the UK very strict gun laws yet more crime and a lot more day time home invasions. Also we already tried a Assault Weapons ban in 1994 and both the CDC and the Department of Justice could not determine if it did anything because there was no difference in crime, in fact they kind of stood around scratching their heads wondering why something that is not used in crimes that much to start with was banned. For example in 2011 326 people were killed with rifles over 700 were killed with hands and feet."

    If anyone can find the FBI stats for this that would be great, I had it when emailing my senators and reps but am having a hard time finding on the FBI's site now. Trent I hope it is okay I used your title but I just could not think of a better one for the topic.
  2. blarby

    blarby Well-Known Member

    You did just fine.

    They aren't using details or facts- you have no reason to provide anything other than emotional hyperbole until the argument gets to that level.

    Don't provide statistical evidence until that card is pulled- as a lot of the stats that are out there right now are considereably skewed in their favor.

    This isn't an argument/discussion that will be won on facts and logic- we know that already. It will be won or lost based on communal emotion and belief- not facts. We need well thought out emotionally, charismatically charged and presented cases with just enough statistical support to ring the truth bell.

    The info you need is here :


    Good luck.
  3. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link.
  4. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    She has not responded back this may have been easier than I thought. I did go ahead and provide links to the FBI's site to back up my claims.
  5. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    Spoke to soon.
    " i hope you know we agree on more than it appears! And following the brady act or getting a check doesn't mean they know how to use it! Next there is no registry in our state or permit needed, no real laws as far as i can tell except to keep them off of school property..but i could be wrong! I personally think there is way more crime up here then 5 years ago..maybe in the country as a whole we have improved.. i truly hope so...And of course the bad guys will always go around the laws but that is not to say we shouldn't have them.,for instance there were no dui laws back when...people still drink and drive and will always do it but thank God, we keep getting more strict and people that drink are taking it more seriously as they should!"
  6. PavePusher

    PavePusher Well-Known Member

    Find the web pages containing your states gun laws and cite them for her.

    Should be a link here: www.handgunlaw.us
  7. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    I am liking this argument. Requiring ID to vote disenfranchises minority voters we are told. So, the gun registration NICS thing disenfranchises minority gun owners. So, additional gun laws are discriminatory.

    Law abiding minorities should have just as much of a right to own guns to protect their children.
  8. Axel Larson

    Axel Larson Well-Known Member

    me "Checks do work for criminal offenses the problem is on the mental health fields side. Also a fine of owning a gun when someone is not supposed to is not a big deal when they are also facing armed robbery. Murder is already illegal, robbery is already illegal. Don't get me wrong I like the fact that felons cannot own a firearm, but if they are already committing a crime for which there is serous jail time a extra charge is not that much of a big deal to them. I think there has been a increase in drug traffic in VT which is truly awful but we have some of the lowest crime rates around. And yes it is fun, and I am glad it is staying a calm debate which I thank you for. You are correct there is no registry or permit needed to carry open or concealed and this has not created more crime. The no guns on schools is federal, we also have no loaded long arms in a vehicle and no suppressors, that is the one that annoys me. Those are both state laws. And then there are all the federal laws, NFA, Hughs Amendment, 922r etc. they go on and on. Most are annoying to say the least."
    I was not sure how to respond to the last post but I gave it my best shot.

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