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My First 3 Gun is tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by tactics, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. tactics

    tactics member

    So been waiting on my first comp tmrw...

    Am I correct in thmy goal of slow is smooth and smooth is fast?

    Any tips or last minute pointers?
  2. kayak-man

    kayak-man Active Member

    I have no idea what kind of background you have, so bear with me if you've heard this before:

    Help reset the stages.

    Your better off going slow and making your shots count, especially with the shotgun.

    Make sure that you know ahead of time how your going to carry everything.

    Other than that, have fun!
  3. creeper1956

    creeper1956 New Member

    Same deal. If you've entered a match, one has to assume you've spectated a few matches and have a good idea of what's going on... and where people make their mistakes. You can't miss targets or drop shells in the dirt fast enough to win.

    For me, it's not about winning, or even being very competitive, but rather having fun, learning new and fascinating ways of missing :p... and seeing modest improvements in my skills every now and again.

  4. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Active Member

    tips and last minute pointers:

    don't try to win this time out
    do have lots of fun
    concentrate on being safe and smooth
    learn from your mistakes
  5. coolluke01

    coolluke01 New Member

    What range do you sight your AR's in?

    I was at the range the other day, I have my AR15 sighted in at 100 yards zero. At 25 yards or slightly less the bullet was 2.5" low. This should be good for hitting A's and any distance right? Like that's a possibility. It should be plenty for B's right?
  6. waktasz

    waktasz Member

    I sight in at 100 because my main practice range only goes to 100 and because my scope has a BDC reticle set up to use a 100 yard zero.

    You have to aim high on pretty much everything at every distance except 100.

    If I had a 200 yard zero you'd have to aim high on some things and low on some things. My simple mind can't handle that.

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