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My first AR 14.5" build. need help!

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by zollen, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    This is my very first AR 14.5" build. This build is designed for absolute beginner. I hope price vs performance/quality wise this is a decent build for a beginner. This AR is for range shooting and for a few tactical training courses.

    Total: $1040

    BCM Standard 14.5" Mid Length (LIGHT WEIGHT) Upper Receiver Group ($399)

    BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle (5.56mm/.223) w/ Mod 3 (LARGE) Latch ($45)

    BCM Bolt Carrier Group (MPI) - Auto ($140)

    Samson Evolution 9" Rail ($155)

    PCF C-15 Composite Lower ($128)

    Magpul MIAD Grip (Dark Earth) ($36)

    Magpul CTR Stock (Dark Earth) ($97)

    ERGO Grid Low Profile Rail Covers (Dark Earth) x 2 ($20)

    ERGO Ladder Low Profile Rail Covers (Dark Earth) x 2 ($20)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2011
  2. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

  3. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    The spike complete rifle costs $810, but this is only the base cost. The rifle does not have free floating rail, Magpul MIAD Dark Earth Grip and Magpul CTR Dark Earth Stock. The cost would add up after the modification. I say the final cost of the spike rifle would be roughtly the same as mine.

    The question now is which has better performance and quality? Spike complete rifle or Stag Arms?
  4. Rail Driver

    Rail Driver Well-Known Member

    As a longtime AR-15 shooter, I'd advise you to buy a pre-built complete rifle. Piecing together a rifle from parts tends to result in hit or miss reliability and accuracy unless you REALLY know what you're doing.
  5. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    I am planning to ask a local gunsmith to build it for me. I hope this is acceptable.
  6. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    Spikes is generally considered to be a better rifle.

    FWIW, it is constructive possession to have a sub 16" barrel and an unused rifle lower at the same time.

    Tax Stamp first, then acquire an upper.
  7. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you'd need a local gunsmith for. There's nothing to be built. You're buying a complete upper, and more or less a complete lower. If you can operate a screw driver, you can change the grip. The stock is easy too.

    Heck, even if you were assembling it yourself, it's really freaking easy. The only special tools you really need are a upper vise block, barrel wrench, and a torque wrench.

    There's no reason to get a 14.5" with a pinned flash suppressor (unless you like that look, some people do). Get a 16" barrel. Skip the M4 barrel. Government profile is a nice barrel contour. Not too heavy. Also, mid length gas system goes better with a 16" barrel. It also give you a longer sight radius.

    Nothing wrong with Stag. Spikes has a lot of fanboys right now, but in reality it's pretty close to a toss up.

    The Spikes SAR rail looks pretty sexy. I would have ordered one by now, but the price will make me take longer to talk myself into it. I've been buying Troy tubes because they're pretty cheap and I like them.

    I was more providing the Spikes as an example of a good basic starter AR.
  8. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    The only unknown assembly is the MIAD pistol grip. The rest are pretty much snap, screw and play.
  9. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    Yep. Though, I did forget about the gas block. If you want to put a free float tube on a barrel that has a front sight gas block already on it, you usually have to remove the gas block. That can be a bit of a pain sometimes. No exotic tools necessary, it just requires proper technique using punches and such.
  10. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    No need. The Stag Arms comes with Samson Star-C free floating rail system. As for your recommedation, Spike complete rifle, replacing the A2 handguard with a free floating rail (non-drop in) may be a bit much for me, I would need a gunsmith for that.
  11. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    What I was suggesting was to give Spikes a call and ask them to build you that rifle with one of their rails.

    What were you planning on doing regarding the barrel length? You do know the minimum length for a rifle is 16", right? You can go SBR, but that requires some extra paper work and $200. I can't imagine anybody would want to SBR a plum crazy lower. Pin and weld?
  12. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    I am actually looking for 14.5" mid-length.
  13. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member


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  14. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Since you mentioned training courses you need to reconsider your build. Ditch the Stag. They are not suited for that type of environment.

    Look at the following

    Add a Bolt for 125-150

    then I would suggest looking at a rail like this one
    http://troyind.com/ /battlerails/troy-battlerail-trx-extreme-9-black

    Even with a pinned FH you will be in the same price range and the gun will be far superior to the Stag.

    Also, skip the composit lower. You can get any number of quality aluminum lowers in the 100-125 range. You will not regret it. Although if I had to pick I would go with a BCM blem lower. You can get them with stock, etc already for a great price.
  15. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    Excellent Suggestion!!!! I really like the BCM light-weight upper group for $399!!

    BCM Standard 14.5" Mid Length (LIGHT WEIGHT) Upper Receiver Group ($399)

    BCM Bolt Carrier Group - Auto ($140)

    BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle (5.56mm/.223) w/ Mod 3 (LARGE) Latch ($45)

    Samson Evolution 9" Rail System ($155)

    Total: $739

    I like the Samson rail better than Troy Extreme rail. Samson Evolution rail is cheaper and lighter than Troy Extreme rail.

    So far.. I have not seen any convincing solid arguments that the PCF composite lower is inferior, so I decide to stick with the composite lower until I see any further evidences to prove otherwise.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2011
  16. IslandTimes

    IslandTimes Active Member

    Just make sure you pin the flash hider or comp on your upper before you buy your lower.
  17. zollen

    zollen Well-Known Member

    Why?? Upper and lower are independent pieces. I should be able to pin a flash hider/comp whenever I want..
  18. Chopdoktor

    Chopdoktor Well-Known Member

    ^^^ "Constructive Intent", that's why. ^^^ If you don't know what that means, check it out. ATF will resort to charging you with 'thought-crime', if they can get away with it. Sad but true.
  19. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Constructive intent has been used exactly once. The guy was arrested for other things and that was tacked on. He owned the sir components and a lower but no standard upper.
  20. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    Which case was that? On my list of constructive intent cases I have
    Amador (not Fed.)

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