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My first SBR

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by WhiteMikeCN, May 25, 2011.

  1. WhiteMikeCN

    WhiteMikeCN Well-Known Member

    So I just finished my first SBR build. Here is what all I put into it"

    - Knights Armament E3 Complete Ambi Lower
    - Noveske 10.5" with adjustable switch block.
    - AAC M4-2000 supressor
    - Surefire Mini Scout (not pictured) with larue mount
    - Magpul CTR, AFG, Grip
    - Knights Armament rail panels
    OPTICS (Have two depending on situation)
    - Aimpoint T1 with Larue mount
    - Leupold MR/T 1.5x5 with Illum ret. and Laurue SPR mount.

    Here are some pics:




  2. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    verrrry sexiful :cool:
  3. KingTiger

    KingTiger Well-Known Member

    Very nice build. I like how the M4-2000 butts right up to the rail on the Blackout brake.
  4. zeb777

    zeb777 Member

    Really nice build. The suppressor goes really well with it.
  5. WhiteMikeCN

    WhiteMikeCN Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guys!
  6. MasterSergeantA

    MasterSergeantA Well-Known Member

    I hate you. (No, actually, I envy you.) Very nice work.
  7. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    As a lefty, I am really digging that lower!
  8. WhiteMikeCN

    WhiteMikeCN Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys... I really love the lower as well... I wish they didnt think so highly of it ($750).
  9. liontribe

    liontribe Well-Known Member

    that thing is smokin hot. i keep saying i will build one myself one day. but then again, i can't afford most of the knives i make. how sad is that? good looking blaster!!

  10. Sig88

    Sig88 Well-Known Member

    That looks great, congrats
  11. alemonkey

    alemonkey Well-Known Member

    Wow, you really did things right on your first try. Nice gun.

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