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My late night home defense kit:

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by cchurchi, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. cchurchi

    cchurchi New Member

    Notice I've included hearing protection and sunglasses for those of you that think an AR with a 7.5 inch barrel has too much muzzle blast for home defense... ha ha!:neener:

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  2. gvnwst

    gvnwst New Member

    Do you carry all that around at night:neener: Nice setup, Bushy carbon 15 shorty?
  3. PTK

    PTK New Member

    I hate muzzleblast. I have hearing protection too, but it stays on the gun. ;)

  4. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 New Member

    Have you ever chrono'd a load out of that barrel?

    I'm just wondering what kind of velocities one could expect.
  5. Retro

    Retro New Member

    That kit is more for home offense than for home defense... I have a mental picture of you luring the bad guys into your house, and then locking the door and let them have it.. haha
  6. woof

    woof New Member

    And yet he could be taken out with one shot through a window just as easily as someone with no "defense" at all.
  7. cchurchi

    cchurchi New Member


    Why you ask, its because I never turn my lights on at night, which would allow me to be seen through my windows!

    Here is how my late night home defense kit looks through my NIGHT VISION GOGGLES I received from Gecko 45 for Christmas last year.
    Man, it's hard to keep those goggles and sunglasses on at the same time!

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  8. kcmarine

    kcmarine New Member

    It's hard to make a shot at someone who's hiding in the dark with a AR-15 and is hanging from the ceiling with wall climbing boots :D

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