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My Marlin Stinks!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Crownvicman, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Crownvicman

    Crownvicman Well-Known Member

    I sent this gun, a 1894c .357 carbine, back to Marlin while it was under warranty, and then after that took it to two gunsmiths It would come back and work for a while, but the same problem always comes back again. It seems to jam up solid everytime more than two rounds are loaded in the magazine. I have used nothing but factory loaded .357 and .38 rounds in this gun, and no Blazers like the manual says. This one gun has really soured me on any and all Marlin products. This gun feels really good. But it is not reliable, and no one can seem to make it so. Ugh! :cuss:
  2. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about your experience. My 1894C has been flawless, as has my 336 and my 39A.

    You aren't trying to use wadcutters by any chance, are you? (Didn't think so, but it never hurts to ask.)
  3. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Call Marlin and give them a chance to make it right. If three competent gunsmiths (including Marlin's) could not make it function, then maybe they should just give you a new one.
  4. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Well-Known Member

    if it's like mine the tube backed out of the receiver enough to jam the whole thing up...

    remedy was to take the tube out and bend the barrel band slot back out... the hard part is getting the tube out, and then back in... :what:
  5. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Bad tube;/ bad follower or bad lever technique?

    Tell me more about the jam......

  6. birddog

    birddog Well-Known Member

    All of my Marlins have been flawless, as have my wife's. Sorry to hear you got a lemon.
  7. Kamicosmos

    Kamicosmos Well-Known Member

    Definitely odd for a Marlin to run bad.

    Only problem I have with my 1894 is not crimping my handloads enough. Or I don't work the lever right and misfeed it. Not the gun's fault though.

    I'd call Marlin and work with them on it.

    Edited to correct horrible spelling.
  8. Crownvicman

    Crownvicman Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I ticked off any Marlin fans out there. That wasn't my intention. I'm sure Marlin makes many fine guns. A friend of my Dad uses a model 336 for deer every winter, with no problems that I have heard of. I'm just poed about this particular gun.

    To answer the questions, no I have never used wadcutters, or even semiwadcutters in this gun. I have mostly been using 125gr JSP winchester ammo.

    Yesterdaysyouth, I wonder if this is what happened to my gun. Do you know if this is a common malfunction?

    Wildalaska, The jam seems to happen whenever more than two rounds are loaded in the magazine. The whole action jams up on the down stroke and I have to take the whole works apart to clear it. It happens with both .357 and .38 shells. At first I thought I might not be working the lever with enough force, but I have tried working the lever with as much force as I can muster and it didn't seem to make much difference. If I load only two rounds, the gun doesn't jam.
  9. pythonguy

    pythonguy Well-Known Member

    I had one of these rifles and it didn't take much force to cycle it and it worked perfectly. Yours must have a manufacturing defect and should be sent back to the factory for proper repair or replacement.
  10. Tom C.

    Tom C. Well-Known Member

    I have several Marlin model 1894 rifles. The .357 Cowboy had a similar problem to what you discribe. One possible cure is the lifter. If it is a little too short, it will permit the rim of the following cartridge to intrude too far into the action and tie things up. The cure was a new, slightly longer lifter.
  11. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth Well-Known Member

    on mine the tube was too far forward in the receiver.. when you would cycle the action the first round would slide back but the next round would slip past the stop. then when you goto raise the lever you've got half a round stuck between the receiver and the ramp... from here there was no choice but to unscrew the lever and pull everything out...

    i finally noticed the tube wasn't in line with the hole in the receiver, upon closer inspection, it wasn't even seated in the receiver at all... once i figured out how to get the mag tube out i could see that the slot in the tube was bent down under the barrel band screw. i don't remember how i bent it back out but it has worked fine for 150rnds now...
  12. Sounds like what you are experiencing is the "Dreaded Marlin Jam" well known to Cowboy Action Shooters using these rifles. Seems to be the fault of the carrier. either not being properly dimensioned/adjusted in new rifles, or as a result of wear on older, much used guns.
    I've had excellent results with Marlin service when needed. Give their customer service a call, and I'll bet they'll make it right. :D

  13. BenW

    BenW Well-Known Member

  14. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    BenW & Denver Express beat me to it, but yeah, I had a Marlin .44Mag that used to do the same thing. The "Dreaded Marlin Jam Fix" works. The sharp edge on the lever cam wears a groove on the carrier, allowing more than 1 round to pop out of the mag tube at a time.

    If you have any gunsmith/mechanical ability at all, you can fix it yourself relatively on the cheap side. If you are not comfortable taking down your rifle that far, any smith good with Marlins will know aobut this jam, and fix it properly.

    Now, if Marlin would just radius that cam a bit, problem permanantly goes away.
  15. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    Sometimes that little groove can cause the carrier to become deformed, thus requiring a new carrier.
    My Marlin is in the shop right now for this very thing, and we are waiting for a new carrier.
    It's also getting the barrel chopped down and an 11 degree target crown, trigger and action job too. I thought, heck, might as well get it all done at the same time.

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