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My Mosin...finally

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by irishelcid, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. irishelcid

    irishelcid Active Member

    Finally got the Mosin I've been looking for. Matching numbers, great looking bore and rifling. Chinese version of the M44 I think. It looks like the bayonet was removed and then the front sight moved back. Here's some pics. Any info you guys have would be great, also any advice on a relatively economical scout scope set up for it?


  2. TylerPearce

    TylerPearce Well-Known Member

    is the stock shortened? I have never seen one like that, but then again i just have a 91 30.
  3. Palehorseman

    Palehorseman Well-Known Member

    Looks like the bubbarized MN carbine I bought a couple years ago, for 25 bucks, but it is a Tula with barrel stamped 1937. I later scout scoped and made a lace up cheek riser for it. Groove diameter is .314", but very accurate with .316" cast boolits.

  4. dobeman

    dobeman Well-Known Member

    it's been 'sporterized'. I don't know of any original MNs with shortened stocks like that.
  5. irishelcid

    irishelcid Active Member

    I figured it had been sporterized as its missing all of the front wood of the stock. The stock looks great though, whoever did it knew what they were doing.

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