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My new 45ACP

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by John4me05, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. John4me05

    John4me05 Well-Known Member

    Yeah i know the desk is messy.. My little girl likes to bring and take stuff so its like this during the day

    The mighty 45ACP
  2. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    How do you like the Peep sight?
  3. CPshooter

    CPshooter Well-Known Member

    lol didnt even notice the peep sight. That has to be totally ineffective.
  4. littlegator

    littlegator Well-Known Member

    What is it? I can't read the writing on the pics. Also, does that screw in the grip bother you at all?
  5. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

  6. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    Hi-Point .45
  7. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    its a hi point
  8. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    I Veen! I vas virst! I'm a veener!
  9. John4me05

    John4me05 Well-Known Member

    I like the peep... I put it on when i took it out of the box... Nope... The screw doesnt even register as being there when i hold it... It has awesome mass to it... Very heavy but really balanced to me... I like the feel so far.. I may try to run a couple rounds through it tomorrow..
  10. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    Is the barrel fixed as in other Hi-Points?
  11. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Well-Known Member

    Let us know how it shoots, also I like the idea of the peep not sure how well it will work. Let us know.
  12. Guitargod1985

    Guitargod1985 Well-Known Member

    AAAAAAHHHHH!!! (turns and runs as if greeted by Hillary Clinton)

    Seriously, though... I've never really heard anything bad about Hi-Points, in spite of their price. Let me know how it shoots.
  13. DerbyDale

    DerbyDale Well-Known Member


    You have a good pistol backed by a company with excellent customer service.

    Shooting Times has a really good review of the Hi-Point 40 & 45 if you haven't seen it.
  14. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    Exquisite American craftsmanship. I'm envious.
  15. spyderdude

    spyderdude Well-Known Member

    Functional and chambered in a proven caliber. Let us know how it shoots, and hope it serves you well. You can't beat the lifetime warranty either!
  16. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    And if you run out of ammo, you still have a great club! (Ducking now!)
  17. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    Answered by the Shooting Times link. Yes, straight blowback. I'll be interested in hearing about the recoil of the this model.
  18. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    I'm usually the last person to care about looks, but that is one ugly gun. I never thought I'd see something uglier than Glocks but along comes Hi-Point.

    The interesting thing is that I've not heard one bad thing about them.
  19. John4me05

    John4me05 Well-Known Member

    Ran late at the Docs so i didnt get to run by the range (1/2 mile form the hosp... Go figure :D)... It might be ugly but its really one of the better feeling auto pistols i have held... It has a ton of mass to it but its really balanced.. I have the C9 model as well and it is top heavy... This JHP is slightly top heavy when empty but put a mag full of 230gr 45s in it and it just feels right...
  20. proud2deviate

    proud2deviate Well-Known Member


    That's about the worst I've heard of them, though. Hope you enjoy it!

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